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What is brain Training?

Human brain has much higher abilities than we perceive them. Our brain can endear some natural abilities that will it remodel itself through training and persistent actions. Brain training is wide concept which is gaining popularity all over the world. Especially people who opt for this training are the ones who want to experience new dimensions, view points and different outlooks in life. Some people even try to give brain training to their children at young age so that they grow up into wholesome human beings. The brain functions can be enhanced and experienced in much better way through brain training.

What is brain training?

Brain training is done in such a way that all our sensory organs start working simultaneously and we stay in conscious state of living for most part of the day.

You can rewire your brain from the brain training program at Mind Valley Academy. Brain training includes some exercises that ensure that our brains work in the most optimal manner despite of several adversities that we face each day.

Switch it up:

This exercise usually involves switching the hands which you normally use with the one used lesser. For example- if you use your right hand for eating food, try using the left hand occasionally. This simple activity will make your thinking to expand and be more attentive of the action being done.

It opens the door for new pathways.

Being in present moment:

We need to push ourselves to be in the present moment. For most part of the day we tend to live in subconscious state of mind. Our thinking is always sustaining on the past or the future. We hardly spend any conscious moments of the day in the present. There is so much to experience in life such as chirping of the bird, music from the raindrops, scent of soil etc.

Play brain games:
Crossword puzzle close-up
Challenging your brain through brain teasers or the brain games is essential part of brain training. You need to make sure that the brain gets its share of work out just like the other parts of your body. It helps in making the brain think in a unique way and developing rationale for various aspects of life. Moreover the brain teasers bring about the confidence in your own self that channelizes happiness in your mood.

Therefore, add the fun element to your day by solving a few brain teasers every day.

Acquire a new skill:

We often spend our days in normal routines. There is hardly any time left quite often to enjoy the new learning. Often we feel that new learning is not essential if it is not a professional training. However, we suggest that we should explore our full potential as there is only one time we live. Every day acquiring new skill helps in boosting our morale to significant levels. When we learn something new every day we get encourages trying out new things in life. It augments our creativity level to greater heights. In general new skills help in attaining appreciation from the people around us and thus we gain new social acceptance which always boosts the happiness quotient of the brain.

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