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Want to know the release of Android’s next operating system

The release of Android’s next operating system is getting ever closer and with each iteration released to developers we’re getting a clearer picture of how it’s going to take shape.

The fourth, and most likely final, version of Android O [ Android One was started by Google In 2014] has been released and doesn’t see many changes. In the release to devs, Google shores up some of the changes it’s making and stabilizes it’s APIs.

With very few changes being made from the third to fourth release of O, it’s highly likely that Google will be releasing the first public version in the near future. While we’re waiting for this to drop, here’s all the things you should be aware of in the OS.

The first version of O was released to developers in March. Since then, there’s been three following versions that have improved upon the first version. Based on the launch of Nougat, which was first rolled out in August 2016, we’re expecting O to be released to the public sometime towards the end of this month.

What devices will it work on?



At the moment, in the developer previews, there’s only a limited number of Android phones and tablets that O will work on. These are: Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C, Pixel, and Pixel XL. However, when the public version is released this will be expanded over time.


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