home remedies for glowing skin

Try Simple Home Remedies for Glowing Your Skin Naturally | Dark Circles, Dark Lips, Pimples

Often we see people having dark shadows under their eyes this happens because of lack of sleep aging prolong gazing at a computer screen and sometimes even long hours of crying. Your dark circles do not cause any health problems they can make a person look old and Haggard and this can cause a lot of distress. For many getting rid of dark circles under the eyes is not really very difficult just walk into your kitchen and use some common vegetables to remove them and look rejuvenated.

Take a small potato wash it well grate it and extract juice out of it cut small squares of Quadron wool and dip it in this potato juice and place it over your eyes making sure your eyes and eyelids are covered leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash it off do this two to three times a day daily.
Take a glass of fresh tomato juice and to this add the juice of half a lime take some fresh mint leaves and add about four to five mint leaves to it mix this well and you can drink this every day.

home remedies for dark circles
Take quarter cup of fresh orange juice and to this add four to five drops of glycerine mix it well and now using a cotton ball apply it over the eyes to get rid of dark circles and also to make your eyes glow. Cucumbers also very effective in removing dark circles so take some cucumber slices and place it over and under the eyes or just dab some cucumber juice over the eyes rosewater mixed with some cold water helps and removing dark circles and is also very soothing for the eyes. Do not over strain your eyes and look after them well.
Countless standouts starkly on the face and can be very disturbing one can try to hide them by using lipstick or lip gloss but this obviously cannot be done all the time so what causes dark lips well there are several reasons for it though dark complexion people generally inherit dark lips several lifestyle factors also contribute mainly excessive smoking and caffeine intake some harsh chemicals and cosmetics exposure to Sun and sometimes even hormonal and age-related factors. So let’s see what simple remedies we can try at home to alleviate this condition take a teaspoon of lime juice and add a teaspoon of coconut oil and keep adding some granulated sugar and mixing it well with every addition keep adding sugar until you form a thick paste. Now use this as a scrub and gently massage it on the lips do this every day and wash it off with plain water and the granulated sugar acts as an exfoliant removing the dead cells from your list apply some honey on your lips and leave it overnight alternatively you can also apply some olive oil instead of honey.

home remedies for dark lips
Take two tablespoons of milk and to this add quarter teaspoon of turmeric or Holi powder and form a paste out of this and now moisten your lips with some water and using a soft brush gently scrub your lips and then apply this turmeric and milk paste over your lips leave it on for few minutes and then wash it off after you gently dry your lips apply a thin layer of clarified butter or ghee these measures those simple can prove to be very effective in giving you healthy colored lips. So make it a practice to follow the routine every day avoid smoking and drinking and live healthy life.
Today especially in cities for a lot of people is long travel to work even more longer working are not enough sleep and always being on the move this results in fatigue and tired eyes though the most evident sign of tired eyes is puffiness around the eye heaviness in the eyes and head is also another common complaint other symptoms include burning irritation and redness in the eyes simple home remedies can prove effective in caring for your eyes a very easy home remedy is spoon yes you’ve read it right spoons take two spoons and keep them in a freezer remember to remove it when cold and do not let it freeze now close your eyes and place the spoons on your eyelids leave it for some time and this can reduce the puffiness around your eyes.
Lavender oil is known to soothe tired eyes so on a bowl of water add one drop of lavender oil mix this to form a solution now take two cotton pads and dip it in the solution squeeze out the excess water from the cotton pad now close your eyes and place these cotton pads over your eyelids place some cotton pads in cold milk and place them on closed eyelids this also helps reduce puffiness. Cut two slices of cucumber and place it over your eyelids this helps reduce puffiness and also serves as mini ice packs to refresh your eyes. 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night will not just help your eyes but give your body that much-needed rest so sleep well and stay healthy.
Pimples the unsightly bumps on the face mainly those of young adults can certainly undermine the confidence of youngsters these are come mainly due to excess oil on the face spicy and sweet foods and beverages and at times also due to stress. Take an aloe vera leaf and very carefully remove the outer green covering now take three tablespoons of this gel and to this add quarter teaspoon of how the automatic powder mixes well and apply it on your face leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Before you wash it off not only does aloe vera keep in check the oil on your face it stimulates the growth of new cells and helps remove pimple marks. Take a tablespoon of baking powder add some water to it to form a paste apply this on your face and leave it overnight wash it off in the morning and pat dry with a soft towel.

home remedies for pimples
Take some fresh mint clean wash them well and crush them make juice out of it and keep it aside take 1 TSP of sandalwood powder to this add enough of juice to form a thick paste apply this over the pimples leave it for about 15 minutes and then wash it off. Just plain honey works wonders by getting rid of the bacterial infections on your skin applied over the pimples and leave it on for about five to ten minutes and then wash it off. Wrap few ice cubes in a thin towel and place it over the pimple area for about five to seven minutes and then Pat it dry and apply a little normal food piece to it I know the sounds strange but it actually works however do not use gel toothpaste keep your skin clean at all times. Avoid sweets and oily foods try to stay stress-free and see the pimples vanish.
Sunrays and sometimes harsh pollutants in the environment can cause the neck and back to become dark this can obviously be quite distressful especially for young girls and women who are stuck with wearing clothes that cover these pants those fundraise are the main culprit for this condition at times stress hormonal changes and pregnancy can also cause the discoloration of the neck and back though this is not a serious problem it also causes distress for those who wish to wear clothes with a neck and upper-back are exposed well. Let’s walk into the kitchen to find some easy ways to remove this discoloration.

home remedies for dark neck

First of all cleanse the neck and back area with plain milk using a cotton ball then take four to five tablespoons of oats and to this add the pulse of a large tomato now make a thick paste out of it and apply this paste on the discolored area for 15 minutes with wet fingers remove it with gentle circular motions for five minutes then wash it off with water and apply a good moisturizer. Just think the baking powder works wonders so take a little baking powder and add enough water to make a semi thick consistency paste now apply this over the discolored area leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes and then wash it off. Create a medium sized cucumber and extract juice out of it using a cotton ball apply it on the neck and back area leave it for about 15 minutes and then wash it off pat it dry and then apply some rose water. Application of plain lemon juice also helps but make sure not to go out in the Sun immediately afterwards while paying attention to your face every day do not neglect the neck and back areas and make sure you step out into the Sun only after liberally applying a sunscreen take care of your skin and stay healthy.


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