Tragus piercing: Everything you want to know

The standard of beauty has never been limited, either before or now because the standards are human-made and practical. By the 21st century, every rule has changed, young people break their barriers and create their new beauty norms, and often only for a particular group of individuals.

The most typical may be the trend of tragus piercing off young people to diversify their personality.

Although tragus piercing is nowadays the hot trend, in fact, not every young person spends time learning the right things – not doing before and after tragus piercing.

That is why we will answer some questions, the confusion of you when the decision to do tragus piercing in this article.

What is tragus piercing?

Tragus piercing is a piercing on the small cartilage protruding near the ear. Piercing on the outer cartilage will create the fancy and most attractive to your ears. But, this is also the thickest and the most painful of all the piercing holes.

How is tragus piercing done?

Because the tragus is a sensitive and extremely painful skin, there are two modern methods of piercing gun and laser.

In addition to, you just need a needle with stainless metal or can be a thread or small flower earbuds. The needle is disinfected with sterilized water or simply ignited and then pierced directly into the marked position, followed by a threaded cage or a permanent earring.

Each way has its advantages and disadvantages. As for tragus piercing with gun or laser, it is easy to see that it performs much faster than the traditional method especially the ear cartilage.

But the most significant disadvantage of this way is that it’s at its speed, with the gun firing at a potent force that can be pierced through the cartilage. It significantly affects the surrounding tissue of the wound, particularly in the cartilage in the ear.

The second downside is that in guns if it is not the prestigious site, the gun sanitization after each use is something that will make us worry.

How long does tragus piercing take to heal?

It is probably the question that gets the most attention from young people before deciding to beautify their ears. The healing time depends on the age, natural disposition of the individual as well as how you look after the wound. Normally, the wounds in tragus usually take six months to one year to heal.

The risks of tragus piercing

When you pierce the tragus, you should know that this can be the leading cause of regrettable complications such as keloids or damage to cartilage tissue of the ear, causing inflammation of cartilage.

Because these sites have cartilage tissues that can help lift the ear is damaged and the skin at that time is sensitive. So if you have no improper care, it is very susceptible to infection and pus.

After piercing the ears, there is keloid or not often caused by the locomotive of each person.

If invasive lesions are prevented from infecting, the healing process will be better, and the keloids will be limited, but in less hygienic places, the keloids will be larger and more difficult to handle.

If you wear an earring made of an insecure material, it is also susceptible to allergies, making the condition of the scar worse. It is even more dangerous for you to develop inflammation of cartilage.

If detected and treated early, it will have good results. But many people are subjective that leads to inflammation to the extent of cartilage necrosis, ear deformities, etc. go to the hospital, and the recovery treatment is difficult to regain the shape of the ear.

Scars are less dangerous to life, but the injuries can cause necrosis, inflammation of the cartilage, cramps, distortion of the ear can cause aesthetic, causing loss of confidence.

How should you care for tragus piercing?

Wash with the saline solution:

You should wash the tragus piercing area with the saline solution daily for the first 2-3 weeks to prevent infection. Use pure iodized salt and distilled water, as other salts contain ingredients that may irritate your ear. Mix ¼ teaspoon of salt with 250 ml (1 cup) of warm water and pour the solution into a cup or small bowl.

How to do:

You use a piece of swab soaked in saline and put it in the piercing hole.

Cleanse with soap:

If you are afraid of infection, in addition to using saline solution, you can use additional soap to clean your ears.

How to do:

  • Use mild antibacterial soap and lukewarm water to rub gently around the tragus piercing area, doing so within no more than 30 seconds.
  • Rinse your ear with clean water, and then gently dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.

Do not clean with skin-drying agents:

Do not clean earrings with hydrogen peroxide, hazelnuts, or alcohol, as these are skin-drying agents that can irritate the skin around the area.

Do not apply ointment or cream to the ear:

Fatty ointment and creams will cause ear blockage, block circulation and result in slower healing. In addition to, these creams will make dirt, germs and other particles in the air more likely to stick to the ear and cause infection. After you have cleaned your ears, you do not need to use anything else unless your doctor requires it.


Tragus piercing requires very carefully, especially in the cartilage area. Therefore, to avoid dangerous complications and infectious diseases when piercing, you need to choose the prestigious places and quality beauty facilities, entirely prevent the case of self-piercing or friend recommended piercing.

When selecting earrings, choose the quality and have little or no nickel containing components such as stainless steel for surgery, 14 or 18 karat gold, titanium, platinum and so on. Besides that, we should choose the simple style, wide, no sharp corners to limit the contact between the skin with earrings.

The tragus piercing area is very vulnerable and infected, so we need regular hygiene and care, especially after swimming or exercising strong, that makes too many sweats. You need to wash your hands first, then clean the tragus piercing area with sterile soap or salt water.

Besides, we also need to note that avoid touching and frequent contact into the area of the ear that causes irritation or infection.

To prevent serious complications caused by allergies to tragus piercing, when experiencing symptoms of redness, itching or burning, red rash, etc., you need to stay in the medical facility for medical examination and treatment in time.


Just like lip tattoos, eyebrow tattoos, tragus piercing will make mild pain and need for early care times like wound care. Wanting to be beautiful is painful, and tragus piercing is not just a beauty trick, you must seriously consider it as a way of medical. The tiny pinholes can completely affect both your beauty and your skin, so in addition to finding the prestigious sites, you also need to know how to properly care for the small pores to show off your personality with the impressive jewelry.


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