The Top Reasons Why You Should Take the Pearson Test of English

When students make up their mind to study abroad, one of the first things they need to do is consult educational consultants, who can guide them about things they need to consider before applying to foreign universities. The Pearson Test of English is one the many tests available that tests the proficiency of English language for international students. Although it is a relatively new test that launched in the year 2009, it helps to assess and certify students. Just within a short time, this test has broken records and stands as the top test for students who are searching for a fast, reliable and secure way of proving their English language skills to universities abroad.

The Pearson PLC Group’s academic head mentioned in an interview, “As a fact, the test delivers accurate results to non-English speakers, which is our prime motive behind launching the Pearson English test.”

You should know that PTE is the only computer-based test conducted online in a single sitting that lasts for about three hours. The test also contains four sections that include writing, speaking, listening and reading to deliver an assessment of the ability of the taker.  For this reason, the scores that students obtain in the PTE test of English help to measure the proficiency of students with English Language and selecting candidates for visa applications, higher education, and jobs in native speaking countries. Thus, it is essential for all international students to receive higher skill scores to get their admission in reputed universities or for immigration purposes.

Reasons Why You Should Take the PTE Test

Who Accepts the PTE Academic?

As mentioned earlier, when you consult an educational expert such as those at JNSEdu, you will learn that the PTE test is an admission requirement for students who wish to study abroad, which is acceptable for both visa and education purposes in the UK, Canada, or Australia. The test takes a total time of three hours and has a widely accepted score by top universities across the world.

A Fully Computer-Based Test

The PTE is a completely computer-based English test. It has no sort of human involvement. For example, in the speaking module, you will have to complete all the speaking tasks using a computer headset. The computer records all the answers in this section. The same way, in the writing module, you will have to type out all the answers. Hence, the PTE is definitely a beneficial examination for those people who have good skills in computer use. In addition, reading and listening modules also have multiple choice questions (MCQs). Thus, this also makes it a better choice for those students who have good logical and analytical reasoning skills.

Better Availability of Exam Dates

The Pearson Test takes place on almost all days of the week and you can always check on the Pearson website, or coordinate with your PTE registered center. It is easy to book the date of your choice and you do not need to wait for a long time before you book with centers, which are spread across different countries.

Transparent and Secure Score

Smart machines are used to check all the answers of the takers. The assigning of the marks takes place as per predefined guidelines in order to bring better transparency in the system of marking. Rest assured there are no human raters and hence the test has a limited chance of bias scoring or partiality. For two years, the scores remain to live on the official PTE.

Real Life Questions

The PTE questions contain real-life settings and content rather than ambiguous questions. All the questions are useful and test the ability of the takers in how well they can answer English language questions easily.

In addition to this, you can also take up practice PTE tests through centers, which gives other benefits, including:

  • Boosts Your Comfort with the Test Format: Through exam practice questions, you can familiarize yourself with the exam format and know how well you need to use the computer. You will need to use computer equipment, and learn how to use the microphone and different facilities during the exam such as mouse and keyboard.
  • You Can Access the Tests Questions Online: You can also access the practice test questions from anywhere from the comfort of your home. There is no such thing as classes missing and no time constraints.

Through practice, you can also learn how well you need to answer the questions, you can focus on the areas you find difficult and use the help of experts to get the best results. The PTE Academic will be the best solution for all you overseas needs. Practice makes perfect so be sure to choose a suitable practice center and give yourself the chance to get the best possible scores.

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