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The Top Four Reasons Why good Employees Quit

Good employees quit – Your work is going to be a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” –Steve Jobs

More often than not, managers often find themselves scratching their heads as to why their best and top performing  employees quit.

Employees quit their job for a myriad of reasons. While the more personal ones are a bit of a challenge to overcome and almost impossible to address (going back to school, change careers or stay home with children), a significant majority of these reasons would actually be something managers can leverage and control. Sure, managers might want to blame an exodus of good employees on anything they might possibly think of while failing to realize that they are actually the crux of the problem.

When top performing and best employees leave, it tends to disrupt the normal workflow of a company. Not to mention, it could actually be costly and time-consuming (imagine having to fill out that spot with someone just as competitive, skilled or talented). However, this would be a persistent problem until managers and superiors themselves that the problem lies in them. After all, people do not leave jobs, they leave bad managers. So, assess and reevaluate how you are treating your employees because you might have a swanky office space in alabang corporate  center, but if you are any of the things listed below, chances are your employees would not want to stay for very long.

  • You overwork people

Your employees need breaks from time to time and nothing burns then easily quite like perpetually overworking them for the entire week. Sure, when your employees are giving you excellent results, it can be tempting to constantly pump them for more but you should never fall into this trap. Remember, good work output stems from adequate rest as well and if you consistently overwork your best staff, you might see sub par results soon after. Furthermore, overworking them might be a perplexing concept to them as they might see it as punishment for their good work.

  • You do not care about your employees

Most managers are guilty of overlooking their relationship with their employees. But remember, no matter what rank they are and what type of work they do, they still contribute to the overall success and failure of the company so treat them well. Celebrate their success and show empathy to those who are going through hard times. Balance professionalism with being humane and be the boss who really cares. Remember, an employee would likely be more motivated to work for someone who care about them and are personally involved other than a manager that does not care about anything else apart from the production yield. You are not employing machines, so do not treat them that way.

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