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Top 5 Android Apps for Mental Health Awareness

Mobile app technology is playing an evident role in various industries. Due to the upsurge of mobile apps in both the IOS and Android app stores, businesses are resorting to mobile apps as a means of extending their services or products on a global scale. Currently there are over 4 billion mobile users around the world and to your surprise; this number is expected to increase by 2019.
With over 3.8 million apps in the Google Play Store alone, users can find apps belonging to different categories with ease. Whether you are an e-commerce store or an educational institute, it is becoming necessary for every business or organization to establish their presence on the spectrum of mobile applications. It is the concern of many health institutes and practitioners to find an effective solution for mental wellness. Even with maximum exertion of efforts, such institutes cannot cater every individual looking for help on a global scale.It is obvious that mobile apps for mental health cannot replace therapy but there is no doubt for such apps to be an effective alternative for it. Many individuals cannot afford to seek help due to various reasons therefore; with the use of a mental health app, it becomes easier for the individual to cope with his or her illness. If you intend to create such an opportunity for the ones in need, here are top five apps to get inspiration for your mental well being app:


Oftentimes individuals cannot cope with their mood swings, which in turn ends up in upsetting their lives. Daylio is a mood tracker diary that is more than maintaining a daily life journal. Life journals and diaries are becoming monotonous however; Daylio is a mood tracker diary with a twist.

It lets users create a personal diary without the need to write in it. This aspect makes the app more engaging as all the users need to do is pick a day, their current mood from a list of default mood emoticons and add the activities they performed in their chosen day. With the collection of their mood records, users can analyze their lifestyle and routine endeavors better and in turn bring more productivity in their lives.

7 Cups

An anxiety and stress chat app, 7 Cups provides users the freedom to anonymously chat with trained counselors. Users can chat with listeners 24/7. They even engage in the app’s group discussions to share their thoughts. Along with a group chat room. There are even community forums where users can openly interact with others. The app also provides its users with 300 mental care and mindfulness exercises to enliven their mood. 7 Cups is a free-to-download app but has premium subscription offers for a monthly and yearly term.

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

A habit and addiction tracker app, Twenty-Four Hours a Day allows individuals to cope with their smoking or drinking addictions. To get over such habits takes time and therapy which most individuals cannot afford therefore, this tool is the best remedy for people to recover from their addiction issues. This app displays a complete progress of their daily records and even makes them track how much money they have spent on the things they intend to quit. Users can track unlimited iniquities without any additional charges.

Recovery Record

Mental illnesses do not only include issues with mental well being. Instead these disorders harm people physically as well. Recovery Record is an app that lets users cope with their eating disorders. Eating disorders affect a person’s mental health tremendously as such issues end up in becoming endangering illnesses such as Anorexia and Bulimia. With this app, users can monitor their eating habits and keep a record of their daily intake of meals. Recovery Record even has therapy activities and questionnaires that users can complete to track their overall progress.


There are not many successful meditation mobile apps but Calm continues to become one of the most preferred mindfulness apps for people seeking to relieve stress. This app allows users to calm their anxiety and manage stress with meditation exercises, concentration exercises and provides them with calming music to relax their mind from stressful and taxing thoughts. This app is available on both IOS and Android app stores but was names the 2017 App of the Year by Apple and is even recommended by therapists and psychologists.


There are countless of mobile apps belonging to various industries but that does not mean health well being would fall short. Mental health apps are a few but have started to revolutionize the spectrum of mental health treatment by incorporating therapy. Having an app made is not a far-off venture as all you need to do is collaborate with the best android application development company that you can find and convey your ideas with them in order to break the barrier and stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

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