Time Management

Few Time Management Tips Which Will Definitely Work

Are you spending your day in doing a frenzy of activities and then wonder why you haven’t utilized it?

We all decide to make our daily routine more productive, but a few people can follow that.

Do you want to be more productive? Yes, of course, we all to be more productive day by day, but we can’t because we can’t manage the time in a right way.

Have you ever failed to follow your daily routine? I have failed numerous times in following my daily routine, and I am quite sure most of the people fail to do so. We all want to become the most perfect and the richest one, Aren’t we? But to become the most perfect and richest one we all have to manage our time perfectly, should try to become more productive day by day. In this following article, you get to know some time management tips which will work for all of you. This article will help you to increase your productivity and stay collected and cool.

Time Management
If you are failing to manage your time then don’t lose hope, this article will help you with some time management tips which will help you a lot. Read on to know how.

Find Out Where You Are Wasting Your Time

Firstly find out what your time robbers are? Do you waste your time mostly on reading the Facebook posting, emails or having a long conversation in mobile phones?

According to the survey of salary.com, 89% of people waste their time every day at work. Let see the list of percentage wasting their time daily at work: –

  • 31% of the people waste 30 minutes daily.
  • 31% of the people waste almost 1 hour daily.
  • 16% of the people waste almost 2 hours daily.
  • 6% of the people waste almost 3 hours daily.
  • 2% of the people waste 5 or more hours daily.


Are you becoming a time waster? The most important time management tip is to track your daily activities, so you can have the clear picture of how much you spend your time on doing various activities. This is the first step in effective time management.

You should keep in mind that focus on time management is the change in behavior not the change in time. Set up a goal for few one weeks to see that whether you can fulfill your goal or not. For example: – Set up a goal for not taking any personal calls or reply to the text messages which are not work-related ones.

  • Establish Routine And Stick To Them

How many times have to fail to maintain your routine? If you are failing mostly to maintain your routine, then try not to do so. It’s because you will become more productive when you follow your routine mostly.

  • Your Time Belongs To You Only

It’s the most important time management tip of all. You can be in control and achieve what you want to achieve.


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