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Things you’re doing that will ruin your smile

You smile is a powerful weapon. You can use it to charm others and come across as amicable. It not only makes you beautiful but also enhances your facial charms. And when your teeth are healthy and disease-free, your smile is naturally beautiful. In some cases, our habits rob us the dazzle and beauty of our smile. Whether not giving due focus to oral care or adapting some bad lifestyle choices, there are many ways in which we can go on and ruin our smile. If we’re not careful, it might leave us with a bad smile to repent forever.

Here are some of things you may be doing that ruins your smile –


Forget a perfect smile if you smoke. This habit of yours in not only extremely harmful for the overall health but also for your teeth and gums. It causes stains and discoloration on the teeth, and also brings risks of gum diseases. In fact, the same dangers are associated with using tobacco in any form. Smokers also tend to have more chances of tooth decay that non-smokers. And don’t forget that stinking breath which is so synonymous with smokers. Quit smoking today if you want a great smile on the back of healthy and whitening teeth and disease-free gums.

Soda and fizzy drinks

Soft drinks are bad for your dental health. They are full of colours bad for your enamel. Worse still, the sugar content in them can cause tooth decay over time. Any type of drink, be it soda, colas or those with bubbles coming out of them are bad for your teeth and gums. They ruin the beauty of your teeth by staining and discolouring them greatly. So, if you want to flaunt a prefect smile, either reduce the intake of such drinks or try to use straw to drink them as this at least can cut the risk down to some extent.


It’s time to tame your passion for alcohol if you are really concerned about your smile. Any type of liquor, be it wine or whiskey, can harm your dental health in various ways to affect your smile considerably. These drinks not only cause stains over time but also dehydrate the mouth. And when your mouth turns day, it becomes a safe haven for bacterial growth leading to a whole host of dental issues along the way. Stop rejoicing your peg at night if you want to impress the world with your more than ideal smile.

Coffee and tea

Think again if you have been waking up to the stimulating aroma of tea or coffee. These beverages may well help you get out of the bed instantly, but they are extremely bad for your dental health. Not only do they stain your teeth and make the mouth dry but being acidic makes them cause tooth decay risk. You can switch to green tea instead and it has even some health benefits. But with your regular cup of tea and coffee, there will always be a risk of poor oral health.

Sticky foods

Stop eating sticking foods day in and day out else your smile will be affected a lot over time. Stay away from candy, cakes, chocolates, toffee and anything sticky with sugar as such foods can cause great damage to your teeth. And when your teeth are not healthy, how can you expect the smile to look great. And if you find it hard to stop eating such foods altogether, try at least to cut down on the level of intake and then take more precautions about your oral health. Don’t forget rinsing your mouth after eating sticky foods.

Poor oral care etiquettes

If you can’t brush twice a day, and can’t floss even once, you then don’t deserve a good smile. Some people even don’t rinse their mouth after every meal. The less said about those who don’t clean their tongue or don’t change their toothbrush even after months of use, when ideally it should be changed after 2-3 months itself. All this could put you at risk of losing teeth early, so it’s better to stay informed about zirconia crown price India to get ready for what is imminent – a tooth loss.

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