Health Benfits of Basil Leaves

Things about Tulsi holy basil Health benefits

Health benefits of Tulsi holy basil things about the great Tulsi holy brains’ll no one told you after reading this you are definitely going to grow a Tulsi plant in your home The phytonutrients in holy basil act as an antibiotic fungicidal and disinfectant agents. Leaves destroys all the pathogens causing such infections a person suffering high fever whether it is bacterial malarial or viral tool sees disinfectant properties help fight these symptoms. For Lung disorder Tulsi leaves are effective and healing damage done to the lungs due to smoking or tuberculosis or even lung cancer compounds such as vitamin C caffeine eugenol and suniel that are present in the essential oils of Tulsi cures lung infections and also congestion of the lungs for stress being rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants.

Holy basil helps soothe frazzled nerves aside from low blood pressure reduce inflammation and cuts stress levels. An important component camping in tusla helps cut blood pressure related stress by heart diseases. An antioxidant called you Janell and Tulsi protects the heart and reduces the negative effects of pathogens. Vitamin C and you Janell together play an important role in cutting bad cholesterol from the blood.
Onutrients and essential oils in Tulsi it helps relieve congestion and eases your breathing and even helps you Raticate the underlying causes of asthma. Dental care you can get rid of bacteria causing plaque bad breath dental cavities and tartar by showing a few holy basil twice a day. The astringent properties and it protects the gums and teeth by keeping them strong and prevent tooth loss.

Oral care use Tulsi like a mouth freshener and its effects will last all day a wonderful oral disinfectant holy basil destroys germs and bacteria in your mouth and prevents bad breath it is even a remedy for mouth ulcers outside and perving the growth of oral cancer caused due to excessive chewing of tobacco.
Kidney stones Tulsi helps to reduce the uric acid level in the body which is the main cause of kidney stones it also helps flush out toxins from being kidneys through increased frequency of urination acetic acid and certain components and Tulsi is in fact really important in the dissolution of kidney stones.


Skin hair make a daily bath concoction with Tulsi leaves and see all the skin irritation allergies and rashes vanish it’s a good idea to even wash your face with water soaked a couple of hours in Tulsi leaves it will keep skin diseases AB and give you glowing skin or make a paste of beliefs and apply it to the affected area for better results. The essential oils in holy basil actually helps to keep mosquitoes and insects away from your home you can use it both internally and externally for instance the camping and Tulsi when applied on skin gives an instant cooling effect.
Immunity holy basil makes your immunity system robust by protecting it from infections caused by virus bacteria fungi and protozoa.
Anti-aging holy basil has amazing anti-aging properties the phytonutrients vitamins E and essential oil serve as antioxidants and protecting the body from the damage caused by free radicals in our system.

Just go through health benefits and uses of Tulsi leaves in brief

1) Tulsi is a herb which was originally found in India and has been used for over 5,000 years. It is used as an alternative medicine in some cultures and in Hinduism Tulsi is classed as a sacred plant.
2) The leaves of this plant have a variety of different health benefits due to their ability to ward off some of the most deadly infections from bacteria and viruses.
3) They are used to treat conditions such as sore throats colds coughs headaches bronchitis ear ache and flu.
4) Tulsi leaves can also be made into a paste and applied to the skin to treat skin disorders such as acne pimples rushes insect bites and ringworms.
5) It is used in beauty products to regulate skin tone hide scar tissue and tightening large pores on the face for a better appearance.
6) They can also be eaten or made into a tea by adding boiling water this helps to boost the immune system of the body and treat conditions such as dengue fever tuberculosis malaria swine flu and hepatitis. 7) It also helps to keep the heart healthy by reducing the harmful effects of free radicals in the bloodstream and increasing circulation.
8) It is extremely helpful in lowering blood sugar levels for those who have diabetes
9) Those suffering with asthma may also find this herb to be useful you may simply drink Tulsi T on a regular basis to see noticeable results.
10) Tulsi has a peppery taste and is therefore used in cooking delicious soups and stir fries.
11) If rubbed onto the skin it works as a mosquito repellent and can help treat snake and scorpion bites.
12) The leaves have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which helps the body to deal. with stress and muscle tension
13) Tulsi leaves can be mashed into a paste and used as a natural toothpaste this will destroy bacteria and plaque from your teeth leaving you with a clean mouth and protecting your teeth from cavities.

A handful of basil leaves soaked in water it checks the growth viral bacterial and fungal infections soothe stress and eye inflammation the vitamin C and and tool secures your vision defects and cataracts. Tulsi is the answer to any ailment you may have been suffering till now brush Auto Tulsi blend in your kitchen garden.


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