How tech is helping a casino catch the cheats

The introduction of technology is one of the significant factors which have not only taken the gambling and casinos to the digital world, but also it helps the companies to improve the actual scenarios of casinos. Since the casinos and gambling have developed over the period, the cheaters and frauds have grown too. That is why the companies have taken help of the technology in this sector also, catching the cheaters and frauds while gambling and playing games at casinos.

In old days there were live agents who observe the activities of the players and catch them cheating, also the ceiling of casinos was made from glass to detect the frauds red handed but now the technology has taken the place of all this and provide better solutions in catching the cheats also have proofs and records for this.

The cheating in gambling has improved over the period, the games become smart, and the cheaters become more intelligent too. They have adapted according to the advancements, and new methods of cheating have introduced over the period. Therefore the technology also helped in catching cheats and improves the system to avoid re-entry of blacklisted people play again in same casinos.

360-degree camera:

The improved technology of cameras has made the life more comfortable for the casino industry. It has replaced many zooms in cameras also easier to manage the activities of the player. It helps to monitor the full dimension activity of a person as soon as he entered the doors of the casinos and also keeps an eye in a better way since it has advanced zooming options. These cameras can move in all the directions you like as well as provide you results in more pixels and color resolutions. That is why it has become a revolution in the observing the activities of the players as well as catching the cheaters.

License plate recognition

There is also technology involved in keeping an eye on the license plates of the car which is entering the casinos. The software converts the license plate image into a text, and the text searches in the database for any history related to the person. Is the owner of the car has a history of cheating he or she will not be allowed inside the casino.

It will help the casino to monitor who is coming in for a play, and in case of the person, id blacklisted they can stop him or her from entering the casino.

Angle eye technology

It is a barcode which is written from the invisible ink on the cards which are used for playing games at the table especially in Baccarat. The barcode is then examining the sensor in the shoe recorder which not only analyzes all the cards to make sure any card is replace or switch but also calculates all the result according to it.

The invisible ink requires specific light and angle to see what is written on the card and it is almost impossible for the cheater to replicate it while sitting on the table and playing games. There are a specially designed spectacles made for the croupier who can see the invisible ink on the card and check for the card originality. Also, these ink are used in different colors, and various designs are made on it, so that is impossible to switch the cards while gambling in the casino.

Another technological product is known as the TableEye21 which records the live video of games and calculates the information of cards and chips used in the games.

NORA (non-apparent Relationship awareness) Software

While there are many people, who work in teams to cheat in the casino that is why it was the biggest challenge for the casino owners to catch their relationship and organization which seem to be strangers. That is why the software NORA is working on detecting and identifying the relationships of people in the casino. It works to connect people and see if they have any personal relation, it can even relate two people who have called each other in the past.

RFIS (Radio Frequency IDs)

While there are many ways to catch people cheating it was quite challenging to get those who are using fake chips. That is why the technology of RFID helps the casino owners check the chips for the particular radio frequency which it emits from the chip. If the frequency is not correct, those chips will not be cash and the counterfeit chips will be examined and the person has to face serious issues as well.

Face recognition technology

It is quite popular in the casino industry which helps the owners and surveillance to make the database of the people who are entering in casinos. The face recognition takes a picture of every person which is entering the casino and makes the records. Also, it matches the face with the database to check any similarity with the person who has a cheating history. They also keep the record of the person who has done frauds in the past and analyzed the activity of the person and observes his or her expressions and behaviors which helps them identify if the person is cheating or not. But apart from this technology, the primary task is done by the team which is observing the activity of the person.

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