Reasons Behind Burma Muslim Killing

Reasons Behind Burma Muslims Killing?

The Burma conflict also known as the Myanmar conflict has been one of the world’s longest running civil wars since the nation gained its independence in 1948 violence there continues to make headlines and on February 21st 2015 130 people were killed along the Chinese border in rebel attacks In East of Myanmar.

So what is the Myanmar conflict about well in very simple terms  the ethnic minority groups of Myanmar have been fighting almost 70 years for freedom from an oppressive government.

There are more than 135 ethnic minorities in Myanmar and some of the ethnic communities have formed militarized rebel factions currently the United wah State Army the Koch in Independence Army and the Kerry National Union were some of the largest rebel groups in the region and they control a significant portion of Myanmar in 2011-12 of the factions came together to form a union committed to combining efforts towards a unified state currently the Myanmar government is a purported civilian democracy. But it has had a long history of military dictatorship although there have been attempts at peace recently Myanmar is still regarded as a highly oppressive and corrupt nation in 2014.

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The Corruption Perceptions Index ranked Myanmar as 156 out of 175 countries tied with Cambodia and Zimbabwe in 2014 a report by Harvard researchers found that there was sufficient evidence to arrest leaders of the Myanmar government for taking part in war crimes Myanmar government militaries have reportedly bombed villages and killed innocent people around the country Since 2011 politicians have been working on a nationwide ceasefire to stop the violence refugees international estimates that the conflict has displaced more than a million people hope for an end to the violence may lie with Aung San su Chi who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991 and has plans to run for president of Myanmar in the future the borders between two countries can also get pretty messy sometimes to learn more about the conflict between Dominican Republic and Haiti check out our post this anti Haitian sentiment has endured since 1937 when dictator Rafael Trujillo led the Dominican Republic Rafael was obsessed with pale skin and his rule around 10 to 25,000 dark-skinned Haitians living in Dominican border towns were murdered

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