infosys stocks Decreased 13% in One day Effect of Vishal Sikka Resignation

Reason Behind Huge Down of Infosys Shares by 13% in 1 Day

First up news about vishal sikka who has resigned as the MD and CEO of emphases amidst differences with the interested founder narayan murthy in fact ravindra who was the CEO or rather will be now taking over as the interim mdl CEO of emphasis narayan murthy had recently even said that vishal sikka was not fit to be the CEO but more of a chief technology officer material mashal cycle was appointed CEO and MD of intervals in august 2014.

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In fact has been battling both external and internal challenges in terms of uncertainty in the global economic environment and high-profile founders slugging concerns around alleged corporate governance lapses in the company now as the news of the interest of CEO and managing directors resignation came in the markets also unexpected lines reacted in a negative way with the BSE sensex plunging by two hundred and seven point seven five to thirty one thousand five eighty seven point seven one in early trade.


In fact we just take you through the resignation letter by vishal sikka he says “i quote after much reflection i have concluded that it is only time for me to leave my current position as MD and CEO over the last several months and quarters. We have all been besieged by false baseless malicious increasingly personal attacks allegations repeatedly proven false and baseless by multiple independent investigations despite this the attack still continued and they were amplified by the very people from whom we expected the most steadfast support this continuous a drumbeat of destructions and negativity / inhibits our ability to make some positive change in the company and stay focused on value creation addressing the noise by itself is damaging hundreds of hours of my own time has gone into this recently so that was a resignation letter of vishal sikka”.




This is the official statement by infosys where they have said and i quote seeker has been appointed executive vice chairman effective august 18th. He will be holding office until the new permanent chief executive officer and managing director will be taking charge which should be no later than march 31st 2018 the statement also said that vishal sikka will continue to focus on strategic initiatives key customer relationships and technology development new people in brown has been appointed as the interim chief executive officer and managing director and he will be now reporting to vishal sikka under the overall supervision and control of the company board let’s go straight across now to india today is roni swamy for more details you know ragini a very personal resignation letter where in vishal sikka the outgoing CEO and MD does talk about you know the controversies the allegations was most importantly highlighting on just how he found no support from either the directors on the board or even the founder narayan multi that’s true because this has been doing for some time now and here.

We shall become sale or resignation letter early for suppose all the process that has please and some of it also which he could have possibly not being able to say inside the very soul in his letter now if you look at the way things have panned out to the judges over here four years ago in 2014 he’s been the first non-founder CEO of infosys and abundant as a body shoulders he has a great responsibility of taking in person to another level and possibly sacrificial also coupled with what has happened across the world in terms of recognition so these are problems as well as from becoming the grass president of the united states this effective for society companies but there is also another specific problem the people to table Moshe p that a lot of people executives as there is an official in the Indian forces hot fantasy or and a CEO with a stock was not deliver and that also this new a lot of trouble they will order internalization of the for being the fifth and the father to of dents the image erratically or the working style of this Africa nice top-level executives also had switch to that discussed it’s not formal good when it comes to this working self-identified.

We think now iam consider a transition to the executive life death okay an amid the very public differences between the outgoing CEO and you know the board of directors and founder of emphases India they got a chance to speak to the former CEO vishal sikka and this is what he had to say mm i wonder if so people locally back in the fall of 2013 and then we started our youth foundation and the first logical step out there for the hiring of the 10,000 people in the us and that sort of thing is something those kinds of helping those kinds of challenges you can deal with what’s been going on over the last you know four five quarters and especially on the last since February of this past year or JANUARY of this past year it really i mean there have been this continuous drumbeat of these allegations and new stories and the same stuff rotary separation and playa and all of this stuff over and over and over and over and over again and it is absolutely sickening and what it does is every day like our home in california you wake up in the morning and there is some new story of the other basically a four thousand three institutions of the same mountain and it is somebody just littered you know this is too much and i found that i was spending and way too much time on on dealing with those things but even that is a surface damage this is a you know responding to the knowledge responding to the chaos on the surface what it does is it makes it difficult to carry out the change agenda and you are talking about creating a cultural piano right now as i speak to you something like 9,000 pound and projects in a company and disarray we have been working the lien myself roger are we to create a culture where the night of the founded projects can think of the civil kind of the founders and entrepreneurs.


Where vishal sikka speaks of his personal anguish to deal with all sorts of controversies and allegations how really will this bit of news affect the morale of the infosys employees have you been able to speak to anybody working with emphasis how will that affect business as well if you just listen to vishal sikka the tone antenna test ecstasy suspect his anguish and the verse which is a kind of anxiety and pressure that he was under if you notice the way he’s talking about noises again and again and again so very clearly that kind of pressure but also as he pounds will be enforced to emotions now are those employees who they are shocked by vishal sikka and last while i was no resignation but a lot of executives or senior executives use this was going to come at some point of time also like i was saying that they have been allowing problems that have been doing in terms of how he has delivered as a manager as you see in the post and they have in a lot of issues when it comes even to with an movie insert so it looks very fine from the outside we have seen how the powder that i hope it also has found that there have been issues with the working style officials become so widely absorb the company also feel the same if they have experienced that while i did speak to a couple of emotions who have both said are they are they are of the opinion that well this transmission possibly was expected to happen okay there was is now going to see how praveen rao will of will perform irene brow is an old friend 30 years of experience and enforces so we’ll have to see wrong impression for the exercise now all right really but that thank you so much aroni for joining us and just taking us through all the news and updates regarding the resignation by the outgoing CEO and MD of emphasis vishal sikka





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