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The Rage with Designer T-shirts!

The leader of one of the biggest fashion chain, Miuccia Prada was right when she said “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” Since clothes have become a means of communication, we start judging someone’s social status by looking at what they are wearing, be it at a wedding, meeting or a casual outing! The craze with social media, the pressure to be well dressed is really high.

People these days pay a lot of attention to what are they wearing and is it even in fashion these days? The rapidity with which trends keep on changing, catching up with them has become an altogether different and difficult task.  It is not only that it is only women has have fallen victim to this, even men are not immune to the fashion policing! The pressure to keep your style statement on point is really high. Also the fact that trends keep on changing at such a pace that it is really hard to keep a track!

But surprisingly and to our relief there is one piece of clothing that has survived the tide of fashion and time i.e. designer t-shirts for men and women. Evolving from a piece of underwear clothing, they have become one of the most popular piece of mainstream clothing! The blank canvas of t-shirts has provided a wide range of opportunities which they have bagged and their capacity to keep on feeding to the popular demands is something that is unique and will make these go a long way! The fact that t-shirts have what it takes to be one stop solution for everyone has also given a rise in the availability of designer t-shirts for all, exclusively designed to cater different demands of the society.

To name a few, t-shirts apart from being our comfortable saviours, they also serve the following roles:

  • Advertising: Designing t-shirts for promoting your brand or event has become a popular practise these days, there is a huge range of organizations which use designer t-shirts to promote their cause. Not only this but these are becoming a favourite giveaway option for corporate events. Their strength to reach out to the masses has made them a perfect fit for promotions!
  • As a mode of self-expression: Since their initiation into mainstream clothing, designers have come up with a wide range of t-shirts which aim at being self-expressive! Be it ‘Keep calm’ or ‘good vibes only’, there is no dearth of designer t-shirts for men and women which say out loud the things that they strongly believe in!
  • Popular culture: Your favourite series, movie or meme, you have a T-shirt for everything! From Harry potter to Marvel and D.C, from the funniest of puns to the wittiest of quotes, designer t-shirts for men and women are available in abundance.

Having told you some of the hidden powers that our beloved t-shirts, in the end we will say that keep on exploiting these wondrous pieces of clothing and keep on adding these to your wardrobes for a fun packed outings!

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