10 Natural Home remedies for Diabetes

Are you suffering with diabetes from long time you might use many medicines and treatments now this is the time to cure diabetes by simple and natural ways. If glucose level is high in your blood then it can lead to serious health problems excellent herbs are explained in Ayurveda to lower and balance the blood sugar in the body naturally here are some home remedies which can easily control sugar levels in the body.



Top 5 job Tips with hardware networking

Hardware networking is that discipline which is applied for communication and hardware device for the proper management of computer network. This field is quite comprehensive and is most trending in present term. Professionals in the hardware and networking domain commonly deal with various hardware components such as chips, computer systems, motherboard, processor, RAM, circuit boards, modems, external hard disks, printers and keyboards. Aspirants who wish to be successful in the field should be inclined towards technical and analytical field.



Easiest way to make money with a wordpress blog

Today we are going to help you out with how to make money with a wordpress blog. Here we are going to share with our personally done stuff to make money with a wordpress blog. What we are gonna share with you is the mail real approaches that you can take to make money with a wordpress blog and the whole purpose of this post  is just to inform you on them what they are how they work. So you can make an informed decision by this blog how do you actually do it well.


Mumbai Street Food

Best Street food tour of Mumbai city – You don’t want to miss

Today we’re going for a full on food for street food tour of Mumbai city. Mumbai is packed with buzina you’re gonna fall in love with on your first try you’ll never run of the new things to try as you explore the city we found a ton of awesome snacks and meals that blew us away travelers always say that India is sensory overload and we have to agree especially when it comes to eating. Here we will give a try to mansion some of them. (more…)
Indian fake babas

Top 10 Unbelievable Scandal of Indian Fake Babas – You Never Know

Ten curious scandals of Indian Swami’s. You must have heard of those long-bearded spiritual gurus who promises you in advance ticket to heaven if you pay him some big fat dollars here’s a trivia in Bengali the term Swami means husband anyway every Indian Swami has one time or the other been related to intimate contact with opposite gender in one way or the other as they say sex and spirit go hand in hand. This is how here below are 10 curious scandals of Indian Swami’s.


Papaya Seeds

Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds

Papaya comes along with its seeds Have you ever used them? Most of you will answer in No!!!! No one has used it, as we throw it considering as a waste product. Whereas it contains miraculous medicinal qualities. So, today we will tell you the benefits of Papaya Seed These papaya seeds are helpful to fight with many major illnesses There is a disease, treatment to this disease it almost considered to be impossible. Called Liver cirrhosis.


Reasons Behind Burma Muslim Killing

Reasons Behind Burma Muslims Killing?

The Burma conflict also known as the Myanmar conflict has been one of the world’s longest running civil wars since the nation gained its independence in 1948 violence there continues to make headlines and on February 21st 2015 130 people were killed along the Chinese border in rebel attacks In East of Myanmar.

So what is the Myanmar conflict about well in very simple terms  the ethnic minority groups of Myanmar have been fighting almost 70 years for freedom from an oppressive government.