Online World a War Zone for Your Kid

The online world has become the necessity of modern world.  Everyone has access to the digital world these days in the shape of different websites and social messaging apps such as Facebook, Tinder, line vine, Yahoo, Viber, Snapchat and plenty of others alike. The intensity of that much access to the cyberspace was not possible a decade ago, but since the technology has invented the cell phone devices people of the world has become obsessed with the online world no time ever before. Now we all know that young kids and teens are the frequent users of the online world. So, they use digital world all day long and do activities such as text messages, calls, chat conversations, audio and videos calls and spread media in the shape of photos and videos. Having such type of obsession with the online world, the digital world has become a complete war zone for kids and teens.

Digital world a war zone for kids

Access to everything went wrong, so when young kids and teens spend their most of the time on online media stuff all day long. Then digital world obviously becomes a war zone for kids and teens and may face nightmares and evils that can harm them physically, mentally, and morally. Let’s discuss all the elements that come to gather in the online world and may create a war zone for kids and teens. There are following elements that have been made the online world a war zone for kids and teens.

Cyber Bullying

You may hear of real-life bullies that do bullying in schools to the weak fellows and on the roads and even on the corners of the streets. So, the real-life bullying and the cyber bullying has the same after effects a victim may face such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, and even in some cases suicide. The victims chase by online bullies on different social media apps and websites and send sexual messages and edited photos of someone and humiliate the victims badly using different methods. Cyber bullying is one of the major elements in the online world that has made the digital world a war zone for young kids and teens.


Stalkers are the ones who play with the emotions and innocence of young kids and teens on the social media websites and social messaging apps. They start communication with innocent kids and teens and then made them their best online world. After that when they have won the complete trust of their target kids or teen they force them to meet them in real-life and the one that meets them play with their emotions having sexual relationships or others. So, stalkers are also present on social messaging apps and websites, parents have to do something to protect them from these wild evils.

Carnal content

Cyberspace is full of carnal content in the shape of sexually explicit photos and videos. Young kids often got their eyes on it and start viewing it and after a couple of weeks, their immature personality becomes obsessed with it. Finally, having the addiction to it, they keep going to watch it and lose their health ultimately.

Health issues

Obviously, when a person doesn’t give a proper rest to their whole body such as use their eyes, brain and fingertips on their cell phone device and visit the online world. Then health issues are imminent for kids and teens such as deep depression due to lack of sleep, anxiety, eye side issues and plenty of others alike.

What should parents do?

Today, the online world is dangerous, lethal and has become a war zone for young kids and teens. So, parents should look after kids and teens activities in the digital world in order to protect them from the players that are always ready to victimize the kids and teens. So, parents should create a check and balance on the digital world by using the parental control software and track the cell phone activities in the online world when connected to the cyber world.

Cell phone monitoring software enables parents to get their hands on all the social messaging apps activities of the kid using mobile phone device. It enables parents to view kids sent messages, chat conversations, shared media files and VOIP calls through IM’s social media of the mobile phone tracking spyware.

On another it empowers parents to view keystrokes applied to the device such as password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes through keylogger of the mobile surveillance app. Parents can remotely control the activities of kids by using the remote phone controller. It enables users to block text messages, incoming calls, view installed apps and even parents can block the internet remotely on kid’s cell phone device.

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