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Now Alibaba Expands Business in India Will They Acquires All Ecommerce Business

Chinese e-commerce monarch Alibaba is familiar across the world for its different businesses in Business 2 Business Market, Business 2 Customer, online digital wallet, transport & logistics, and cloud computing  among others, all of which have taken it to the group of internet titans like Amazon and Google.

Now Alibaba entry to India has been long waited for and much discussed.

The fact, however, is that Alibaba has already made its entry – not in business but charity.

The story of Jack Ma, the founder, owner and chairman of the Alibaba Group is amazing and at the same time a wonderful achievement on the world of e-commerce. The Alibaba story started on April 4th 1999, in a little apartment in China where the founder Jack Ma with other co-founders brought forth the idea of creating the Alibaba online shopping marketplace (website) ; where the little entrepreneur guy can connect directly with the manufacturers of his desired product, so as to get the best deals and quality at the lowest price possible.

Charity begins at home

Charity Education India

Alibaba CSR goes beyond training. due to the fact 2010, Alibaba group has earmarked 0.3 percentage of its annual revenue to fund efforts on environmental recognition and conservation, amongst others. In 2011, it mounted Alibaba foundation, a private charity fund that specializes in assisting environmental safety in China and assisting the deprived, consisting of kids born with heart defects, in underdeveloped regions of China.

Taobao, one of Alibaba group’s key marketplaces, makes a speciality of supporting people with disabilities set up small groups and construct careers by way of beginning Taobao stores. Alibaba has advanced unique software program for Taobao and Tmall customers, which has enabled 2,70,000 visually impaired customers to shop successfully on-line and over sixteen,000 visually impaired traders to open shops on Taobao.

moreover, considering September 2015, Alibaba group employees have done minimal three hours of charitable sports each yr. From the programme’s inception till the stop of the monetary year 2016, this programme had seen over 1,30,000 hours of social provider achieved by using Alibaba organization’s personnel, a declaration from the enterprise has stated.

How they start & roles of each


paytm - kotak bank


In India, only one out of every odd understudy is sufficiently blessed to approach quality instructive material. Despite the fact that the administration has started different battles to address these difficulties, it is additionally vital for private players to add to upgrading the nature of instructive material for understudies. This is the manner of thinking that brought forth Mission Million Books.

“Many children crosswise over metros and rustic ranges don’t approach quality training. We are resolved to ventures both through altruistic trusts and the environment everywhere,” says Vinay.

In India, Alibaba Group has tied up with Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust, which is in the area of gathering and giving books. It has likewise banded together with Kotak Mahindra Bank, Retailers Association of India, Paytm (in which Alibaba is a financial specialist), World Bank, Ecom Express, Book Project, Carnival Cinemas, TicketNew, and UCWeb (which is Alibaba’s item).

Kotak Mahindra spreads mindfulness among its clients, while Ecom Express deals with get and coordinations forms for gift. Fair Cinemas likewise connects with its supporters with messages before films and amid interims.

The main visitor for the service, MP and ex-Union Minister Sharad Pawar alongside Vinay Bhartia, Senior Vice President for Strategic Partnerships for India and Rajiv Mehta – Trustee, Ratna Nidhi Trust introduces the third version of Mission Million Books at Yashwantrao Chavan Institute of Science, Satara, Maharashtra.

Together, Alibaba and the trust have bought and given 75,000 books from crosswise over India. “We acknowledge gifts and furthermore got some perusing material ourselves for understudies in school and also higher expert courses like prescription—reference books, course readings, instructive books, and general perusing material,” Vinay clarifies.

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