How to monitor your child Facebook Activities?

Facebook has hit the world by storm since it has made its way to the web. It has attracted to the youth and today we have seen young kids and teens lurking on their smartphones and posting something all the time on social messaging apps. You may have all the information regarding the criteria of having a profile on social networking app Facebook. Young children can make FB account at the age of 13, but we know the fact that millions of young kids are using a social messaging app to date illegally. There are common activities children usually do on FB.

Inbox messages or chat conversations

Young children always want to send and receive text messages into the Facebook messenger to the friends and family member and even to the people belongs to different color and creed. They want to enhance their communication skills and want to explore the world to the fullest. Chat conversations through FB social media app are very common activity among kids and teens. So, they do that activity at home, school and even while walking on the streets.

Posting comments

Posting comments on each other FB timeline are one of the most fascinating and interesting activities that FB has ever introduced to the users and to the youth in particular. They do comments on each-others shared pictures and videos. They do activities for the sake of fun and to appreciate the posting material. They share their daily routine work with the friends and even moral campaigns for the sake of spreading awareness among the masses.

Shared media files

Without the shadow of the doubt sharing pictures and videos on the instant messaging app add more colors to the use of Facebook social networking app. They have shared and store photos, cover photos and profile pictures and even made albums to set a memory of their life moments.

Voice messages

Facebook allows user to send Voice messages to save the time of the users. Young kids also do that activity and send voice messages to the people they want to talk. They share what they are feeling or what they are doing at the moment and plenty of other matters they like the most.


Everything looks Normal: Why to monitor Child Facebook?

Yeah, it seems very normal but sometimes it becomes abnormal when these activities turn their ways to the dark side. You may have heard about the presence of online bullies on the Facebook messenger or you may have heard teens have involved in blind dating via Facebook messenger and the obsession with the Facebook brings health issues among kids and teens. Teens may get trap by the stalkers online and then commit to meet them in real life. They may encounter with the child abusers online and the cases have pop up on the surface that kids have abused by the abusers and the Facebook was the main factor of their encounter. The excessive use of Facebook may bring anxiety, depression and mental disorders.

Monitor FB –Facebook monitoring app

You can track all the activities of children by installing the Facebook spy app for the cell phone. Once you have done with the process after subscription, you will be able to spy on your child Facebook activities to the fullest. You can use the key logger of the cell phone spyware and get your hands on all the keystrokes applied to the messenger such as password keystrokes, SMS keystrokes, and messenger keystrokes. Once you have got access to such things you can get access to a Facebook account of your kids without taking their consent because they have parents owned cell phones and they are not adult yet.

Furthermore, a user can use the live screen recording of the mobile phone Facebook monitoring app. You can use Facebook live screen recording and you can view live activities of kids and get to know what they are doing on the social media platform. You can get remotely screenshots of all the activities of kids when a Facebook instant messaging app is running on the target phone. It empowers you to have proof that what children have posted and shared on the digital social app.


Mobile phone tracker app will provide parents Facebook spying tools that keep them updated regarding all the activities on the messenger with complete time states.

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