Healthy Mind

How Your Mind Affects Your Body

It is a common belief that eating good food can help you lead a healthy life. But, it is only partly true. You cannot but deny eating healthy food would contribute to having a healthy body, but, it just not end with that. You also need to be stress- free and relaxed and have a clear mind for the food to lend the maximum benefits that will ensure the well-being of the body. You might wonder as to what is the relationship between a healthy mind and your physical health?. It is because you think that body and mind are two separate entities and they work independently of each other. But the truth is the contrary. Healthy Mind and body are possible only when are free of negative and debilitating feelings of depression, loneliness, and sadness.

What is mind?

It is common for you to consider the mind as a synonym for the brain.  But mind refers to the mental states that our brain allows to experiences such as thought, beliefs, emotions, and attitudes. In other words, the brain acts like a hardware which allows you to experience these mental states./ while you may be conscious f certain mental states, there may also be other mental states you would be experiencing unconsciously. However, the fact is that every mental state is accompanied by a physiological change. The changes could be positive or negative depending on the intensity of the mental state as well as how long or how often it keeps occurring.  Healthy Mind and Body, therefore, will ensure longevity.

Body and mind communication

There is always an active and intimate two-way communication between your body and mind. The communication has the potential to affect or enhance your physical, mental and emotional health. You can understand the dynamics of the communication and its role in affecting physical health

Irritation and frustration-When you are irritated or frustrated about doing something such as getting delayed due to a traffic jam you will realize that you’re breathing gets short and shallow and the muscle in the shoulder and stomach region tighten.

Worry-Worry is likely to manifest in your body in the form of extreme fatigue or ache of one kind or the other.

Memories-Pleasant memories create a happy feeling while unpleasant memories that surface to your conscious mind often may leave you nervous and edgy.

How to handle mind-body relations in a better way?

Mind-body therapy

In order to have a Healthy Body and Mind, it is important to be aware that negative emotions conscious as well as unconscious can be devastating for your health. This will help you to be mindful as to not to develop or garner negative thoughts. Meditation, yoga, mindfulness and other mind- body practices are supposed to be very beneficial and it has been confirmed by research studies by Integrative Psychiatrist James Lake of the Stanford University. Most of these practices help us to have a Healthy Body and Mind by increasing our awareness and guiding our mental states in such a way that they not only get better but also prevent them from progressing in the negative direction.

Body- mind Therapies

This refers to the techniques and therapies that use the body to bring about changes in the mind.  some of the popular therapies of this kind are yoga, prayer, creative arts therapy, Qigong, guided imagery etc, But the mind-body and body- mind therapies are interrelated and the end result you can expect is a Healthy  Mind and body.

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