Kanpur Death

Kanpur Death: Due to drinking poisonous liquor

On Saturdays and Sundays, Kanpur city and Kanpur were proven to be fatal for many people and many households have still lost their wages. The reason was alcohol. Although these people had bought liquor only by government contracts but official liquor could also be poisonous, probably they did not have any idea about it.Six people died in Satyendi area of Kanpur city and six died on Sunday in Rural area of Kanpur country.

Many people are seriously ill and most of them have been admitted to Hailat Hospital in Kanpur. The police have arrested four people in the present include Chief Accused Vinay Singh. Get news from us Government has announced financial assistance of Rs. Two lakhs to the relatives of the deceased and financial assistance of fifty thousand rupees to the sick people. Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Dinesh Sharma, who arrived at Hailat Hospital on Sunday, said that the culprits will not be spared.

Local brand liquor network

Akhilesh Kumar, Senior Superintendent of Police, Kanpur, said that the matter is being examined at many levels and actions against the culprits can also be done in the streams like Gangster Act.It is being told that the main accused’s local brand liquor network is spread over Kanpur and neighboring districts. SSP Kumar said that it was being examined by the Excise Department employees and the angle of collusion of the police. Diwakar, who lived in Hatpur village of Sachendi area in Kanpur town, said, “I was going to the office on Saturday morning By then I saw that one of my neighbors suddenly became ill, and till he was taken to the hospital, many people came to know of the sickness in the same way. People used to drink alcohol from the same shop. “According to the local people, complaints were received from the liquor shops of Mandlai village of Rura Thana area for selling ‘disturbed’ liquor for the last two-three days.After drinking alcohol on Friday night many people started bleeding in the stomach after burning and stomach. Some people even succumbed to their injuries before reaching the hospital while others died in the hospital.

cheap liquor

In many districts, such liquor is sold

According to Kanpur District Collector Surendra Singh, these incidents have happened where they may come in two different districts but the distance of both villages is only seven km away. is. He said that the liquor of this local brand is purchased only in Kanpur Nagar and Kanpur countryside, but also in many other zones.The Kanpur Regional Excise Officer has been suspended in the charge of negligence while a case has been registered against the shopkeeper.It is being told that the shopkeeper is close to a former MLA and has long been in contract with the shop. The Mandalak of Kanpur has ordered a magisterial inquiry into the incident.People angry at the incident raged both of them, while in anticipation of getting caught, the shopkeeper shed hundreds of liters of alcohol in the fields. The people of the area have alleged that illegal liquor trading is being done in collusion with police and excise department for a long time.In January this year, 12 people were killed by drinking poisonous spirits in the Godavari area of Barabanki. Source – https://www.kadwasach.in/

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