Is really Eco friendly Ganesh Good for Environment?

What is the difference between a normal ganpati and Eco friendly Ganpati?

Eco Friendly Ganpati is made from lots of crushed paper. Paper has to be rotted and the filling then has to be put in a mould, similarly to the way they make Mud Ganpatis. Then the crushed paper takes shape of the mould.
What is the difference in the making of a Plaster of Paris (PoP) Ganpati and normal other Eco Friendly Ganpati?

In terms of pollution Plaster of Paris is harmful Pop Idol has a mixture of Plaster and Water Eco Friendly Ganpati has only crushed paper Plaster of Paris Idol is heavier than Eco friendly Idol 4 people might be required to lift a Plaster of Paris Idol in comparison to only 1 person for a similar Idol made of Eco friendly material there is a difference in colors also in both the type of Idols.

What is the Difference during Visarjan (Immersion) for Mud, Eco Friendly and Plaster of Paris idols?

Earlier Ganpati Idols were made of Mud only Mud Idols start dissolving immediately Nothing gets affected if a Mud Idol is immersed in water marine life does not get affected by a Mud Idol for A Plaster idol, if the water is flowing, then the Idol crashes against the stones or gravels in the water and it breaks, but it doesn’t dissolve like a Mud Idol Fishes and other Marine life hence entagles in these Idol’s Eco friendly Ganpati takes little more time than Mud for dissolving under water. Even the paper used in Eco friendly Ganpati is harmful for Marine life, but the only positive point here is that it melts under water everything is harmful if you go to see that way the most harmful is Plaster of Paris Idol after that comes Eco friendly and the last is Mud.


How much time it takes for a Plaster of Paris Idol to dissolve?

It doesn’t dissolve completely it only crashes into pieces because it collides with stones due to the water flow but the mud starts dissolving immeditely once you immerse it in water Plaster remains for even more than a year undissolved inside the water. We see many times that Ganpati Idols come on the water surface or shore the reason is that these idols haven’t broken down into pieces beacuse there is mud beneath water, the Plaster of Paris idols break only if the crash against stones or gravels beneath the idols are washed with the waves onto the shores.

Are there more chemicals in a Plaster of Paris idol and lesser chemicals in a Mud Idol?

Plaster doesn’t get hard if it does not have chemicals in it Plaster has more chemicals in it, Mud does not have any chemicals at all so means a mud idol and eco-friendly idol causes lesser harm to the marine life the Best type idol is the Mud idol (Clay), after that Eco Friendly and the last comes Plaster of Paris.

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