Improve your memory

How to Improve Your Memory Power

How to Improve Your Memory: There are various ways to improve your memory. Mind valley academy provides numerous memory techniques to people who want to improve their retaining and thinking abilities. While the digital age has led us to use technology more often than our brain, our memories have started becoming blurred. We do not try to our memory for remembering the concepts instead we use phone diary to store all information and refer to google for every fact that we tend to forget. Although at the time of implication it appears little important to remember those facts and data but these practices are really important for our brain training. If we will not put our brain to practice it will start becoming dull and mundane.
Stress is another major cause that depletes the storage and memory capacities of our brain. Stress causes various hormonal and behavioral changes in our body that affect our memory power. Let us learn about how various simple practices can help in improving memory power.


Meditation is the food for the mind. Like we need food for the development of our body, meditation has similar effects on our mind. If you can spend some 15-30 minutes every day for meditation you will realize remarkable effects on your brain. Meditation brings stability to our thoughts and thus draws peace and harmony in our thoughts. When our mind settles at peace with our thoughts and anxieties, we can focus better. A good focus helps in retaining the mind power. This is one of the powerful memory techniques to enhance memories’ abilities.

Pick up some workout regime

Exercises push us to pump up the adrenaline. It makes us more realistic about our body’s abilities and its limitations. You need to know how many minutes you can devote to workouts on regular basis. Every day 30-40 minutes of workout will keep you active, healthy and freshened up for the whole day. When we pay attention to our body we feel good about ourselves. If you find it difficult to exercise continuously for a long duration, start with small breaks and sets.

Adopt a form of workout that you enjoy. For example yoga, Zumba, gym, cardio etc. When you will enjoy your workout sessions you will be able to bring the focus on your personal growth. It improves the coordination between your mind and motor skills.

Play games and quizzes and improve your memory

Quizzes, games, riddles, Sudoku, and crosswords challenge the limitations of our mind. These are popular memory techniques. These days there are special sessions being held for conducting these classes in various cities to give a productive break to our minds from monotonous activities that are conducted throughout the week. Weekend classes for brain puzzles, games and activities are becoming a fad with people of all ages. There are courses and training modules that are designed keeping in mind various age groups.

Sleep enough

An average adult needs to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a day. Poor sleep makes us prone to stress, mood swings, anxieties, and other similar effects. You can find various memory techniques that may ask you to do something or else. But sleeping is necessary for better memory power because while we sleep our mind converts the short-term memory into long-term permanent memory. If we do not sleep sufficiently our brain will not be able to complete this process.

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