Papaya Seeds

Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds

Papaya comes along with its seeds Have you ever used them? Most of you will answer in No!!!! No one has used it, as we throw it considering as a waste product. Whereas it contains miraculous medicinal qualities. So, today we will tell you the benefits of Papaya Seed These papaya seeds are helpful to fight with many major illnesses There is a disease, treatment to this disease it almost considered to be impossible. Called Liver cirrhosis.

In Liver Cirrhosis, due to excessive alcohol consumption from a long time liver becomes hard & got shrink. Due to this toxins doesn’t get out the body & leads to a serious health problem. So, if you are suffering from Liver Cirrhosis, then take 5 fresh papaya seeds In case you don’t have fresh seeds then can even take 5 dried papaya seeds Make its powder and after that mix it with 1 tbsp Lemon juice You have to consume this twice a day. that means 5 seeds in morning & 5 seeds in evening mixed in lemon juice, twice a day Consume them for a month You will notice that you will start getting relief in the problem of Liver Cirrhosis.

papaya seed-lever-disease

In case you are taking the treatment of Liver Cirrhosis. Then you must consult with your doctor because, there is a enzyme in papaya seeds called Papain This might can do interference with your medicines So, you must use these papaya seeds with the advice of your doctor Otherwise also , papaya seeds should be regularly used in minimum quantity. It helps a lot in liver detoxification And once your liver is healthy, then all other body parts get healthy automatically Food poisoning can be prevent and can be treat also to an extent with papaya seeds Because these papaya seeds has very strong anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory effect on our digestive system.


These papaya seeds are very helpful to kill dangerous bacterial infections of E.Coli, Salmonella, Steph & etc. Enzyme found in Papaya seeds called Papain It makes our intestinal environment in a way that it turns favorable for good bacteria and makes intestinal environment unfavorable for bad bacteria So, in case you are worried if you had something outside which can cause food poisoning then what you have to do is, take 5 papaya seeds make their powder or just chew them like that and drink water after wards, chances of food poisoning will be very low.


It’s been noticed in some of the research done by few universities that papaya seeds are very helpful to fight with kidney disease. and specially in poisoning related kidney disease if you will use papaya seeds then you will notice that very easily you are able to fight with that disease you must have heard a lot about Female contraceptive. Normally, there is no information on male contraceptive. So, how can you use papaya seeds as in the form of male contraceptive That we will share it with you in our next post along with we will share that who all shouldn’t use papaya seeds. So all this & a lot more health benefits of papaya seeds in our next post. Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us.

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