Get rid of your hair problems with simple tips

Reasons and Solutions for Hair Loss.

Your Hair Says a Lot About Your self

Long hair, short hair, bouncy, or sleeky hair, for most women hair is way more than a bundle of fibers. Your Hair is an expression of your style and personality. But if you start to lose your hair, it can really worrying you. Hair Loss way is same for both men and women. It might thin all over, or your center part could get wider and wider. You might even get a bald spot at your head.

First thing we are going to know is How Does Hair Grow? Your scalp is home to about 100,000 hairs. We have our own life cycle. A follicle produces half an inch growth in single hair per month. It hangs in there for 2 to 6 years, then stops for about a month. When the next cycle starts up, that old hair falls out. At any given time, most of your locks are in the growth phase.

Normally How Much Hair We Will Loss ? Every day we’ll loss about 50-100 strands . There is no issue if you are finding a few in your hairbrush or on your clothes. But if it starts to fall out in clumps or if you notice it getting thinner over time, then it’s time meet your doctor.

What Are the Main Roots of Hair Loss? There are so many causes for hair loss. it depends on two one is stress and second our lifestyle factors, like what we eat. Our genes play a role, too. Sometimes doctors also can’t find a specific reason. It’s a very starting point that, hair loss experts will suggest you to get tested for thyroid and hormone imbalances. Once the cause is addressed the hair will definitely grows back.

Can We Measure Hair Loss?

Yes. with Savin scale Doctors will measure hair loss. The scale helps document female pattern baldness, a rare condition your doctor might call androgenic alopecia. We probably know it as male pattern issue, but it affects about 40 million American women. Our Experts think it’s a genes and aging problems, along with the hormonal changes. Our hair could thin all over, with the greatest loss along the center of the scalp.


Hair Loss Causes:

1) Thyroid Problems

2) The hormones changes cause your hair to thin. It’s more depends on if you have a family history of hair loss. Other drugs linked to hair loss are medicines that used for high blood pressure treatment, heart diseases, stress, and depression.

3) Unnecessary Diets you may lose more than weight with a fad diet. And if you want to drop 15 pounds or more, you might also get ready to shed some hair a few months down the road. Don’t worry about this — hair re growth will happen when you’re back on a healthy diet. Be prepared to shed some locks if you’re getting too much vitamin A or not enough protein.

4) Tight Hairstyles Big issue: Tight ponytails can irritate your scalp and cause hair loss. The same will happen by using tight rollers. Let your hair down, and it should grow back normally. Be aware that long-term use of Tight ponytails and tight rollers can scar your scalp and lead to permanent hair loss.

5) Cancer Treatment Chemo and radiation therapy, two of the most widely used therapies, can take a toll on your hair. In their quest to kill cancer cells, both can harm hair follicles and Causes dramatic hair loss. But the damage is almost always short-lived. Once your treatment is finished, hair usually grows back.

6) Extreme Stress High-level physical or emotional stress can cause you to suddenly shed huge amounts of hair.

Examples include:

  • Serious illness or major surgery
  • Trauma involving blood loss
  • Severe emotional distress

Treating Hair Loss:


1) The approved medicine by the FDA for female pattern hair loss is Minoxidil.

It can slow or stop it in most cases and may help hair grow back. But the Recurrence chances high when you stop using it. Corticosteroids can help regrow your hair with alopecia areata. And if the cause is an underlying medical problem or poor nutrition, your locks should grow back on their own once things are under control.

2) Lasers Devices with low-energy laser light may help new hair grow.They’re also available in some clinics for home use. This we can use for both men and women, and studies show they do work. But it might take 2-4 months to see the results.

3) Hair Transplants, This procedure involves moving hair to thinning scalp areas from fuller areas. but the trouble is, female pattern baldness causes thin hair all over, we will get very few good donor sites may be very few. It works better in case of men baldness.

For Hair-Loss Products and Devices A quick Internet search will show dozens of products designed to stop hair loss or regrow hair. If we get result pictures before-and-after it will be really helpful but it doesn’t happen.

The last one is Ask suggestions from your stylist. She might suggest a short cut, a different part, maybe a gentle body wave. Try a styling products for thin your hair and hide bare spots. Apply it to the root area.

Dry your hair for a while before you use the dryer. If you want to use special cosmetics that can disguise parts of your scalp that show. Use keratin fiber hair cosmetics. If your hair loss affects your career or your social life makes you not want to leave the house, there is no other option just go and talk with a counselor.

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