Geometry dash app for Android

Geometry dash app for Android

If you love to play Arcade game then Android Geometry dash app is the best option for you. This is one of the most interesting infinity level games for Android smartphones and tablets. The user can easily able to download this app from Google Play and install to play on your Android device. In this topic, we are going to share the total details about the Geometry dash app which is the best Android game ever. Still, now this app is downloaded by more than 1 million of users in total. Besides that according to the Google user review, this application earn 4.8 stars out 5.

Many of the users know that how to download and install Android app on their device. But some users still exist who do not know about that process. In that case, it is our responsibility to show everyone that the actual process to download and install an app from Google Play. This process is applicable for any of the Android games and app from Google Play Store. Without wasting more time we want to show you the process to download and install Geometry dash app on Android phone. Also, we will add the key features of Geometry dash game too.

How to download and install Android geometry dash app game?

Users, please get ready to get know about the proper steps and procedures to start the download and install Geometry dash Game on Android. Read the points given below and apply the same steps to start the process of download and installation.

Download and install:

Here we will show you the step by step downloading and installation process:

  • Initially, keep your phone connect with an internet connection and must remain signed in Google Play Store with valid Google ID and Password.
  • Now open the Google Play Store app and on the top, you will get the search box. On that search box, you need to type Geometry dash. Now from the search result, choose Geometry dash game.
  • When the app details will open, it will show that you need to purchase this app at 120 INR. Thus the app is not free, the user needs to purchase it before installation.
  • Once you purchase it via Google Wallet or by debit or credit card, now it is the time to install this app.
  • After downloading the app on your phone, it will automatically get installed on your device without any further step.
  • That’s all after installation has been completed, the app will create one launcher icon on the home screen to launch this game.

geometry dash app

Features of Geometry dash game:

It is also very important to get know about the features of this game before playing on your device. By reading these features, you can go deep inside this game about to know its details.

  1. You can get more challenges to face from your surroundings.
  2. After completing each level of the game you can avail awards and rewards too.
  3. This platform of Geometry game is made up of rhythm-based action.
  4. Add custom soundtracks in the background of this game to get the pleasant feeling while gameplay.
  5. Build up the new level by yourself and share them using level editor feature.
  6. An infinite number of levels to play without any end level point.
  7. Jump, fly, and flip your way to get out of touch from obstacles.
  8. Apply your present mind as much you can to save the time and increase your points up.
  9. Try to unlock the icons and colors to modify your character in the way you can.
  10. In the beginning of this game, use the practice mode to sharpen your controls in gameplay and skills too.

So that’s all about the Android Geometry dash app game for every player. If you feel that this game app is helpful for you all the once try to download it on your phone. Hope you all are satisfied with the information which we have provided here about the geometry dash game for Android Smartphones and tablets. Games are needed for every smartphone user to kill their boring time in every situation. Thus this game will also create a very interesting situation while you try to cross every level one by one.

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