Generic Toner vs. Genuine Toners: What Is Better?

Generic toners simply refer to those cartridges made for your particular printer brand but by third parties i.e. companies who are not the makers of your printer. On the other hand, genuine toners simply refer to the opposite i.e. they are made by a company who is also the brand name of your printer. Toners are a recurring expense that you have to get right and today we’ll help do just that by taking a look at the generic vs. genuine toner debate to find out which is the better option.


If you’ve owned a printer for a considerable amount of time, then you’ve probably realized that replacing toner cartridges is quite an expensive affair. Companies that make printers usually sell their products at a low price in hopes that you, the customer, will purchase the pricy genuine toner cartridges afterwards hence help them recoup the losses. Generic toner manufacturers contrastingly grind out profits by merely selling their products with no strings attached. What this means is that generic toners are relatively cheaper and can end up saving you up to 80 % of your overall toner expenses taking into account the regular toner replacements you’ll need to do with either type.

The quality angle

When it comes to quality, then genuine toners come out on top. These cartridges are designed for your particular brand of printer and the type of paper used for that printer. This difference is usually unrecognizable in text prints but when it comes to images or pictures, the difference in quality is quite noticeable.



Genuine toners also prove to be the better option with regards to durability as they tend to produce images with better longevity compared to their generic counterparts. These images maintain their integrity for longer periods of time than the latter though generic toner cartridge makers are working hard to bridge the gap in quality and durability. Modern generic toners can match the text quality of genuine toners though they still fall short in these two aforementioned aspects.

Compatibility issues

Genuine toners are often heralded as flawless toners that cannot in any way damage your printer while generic ones have a not-so-good reputation as many fear using this toner could lead to malfunctions. While such cases are almost unheard of, sub-standard generic toners – of which there are many in the market- are susceptible to leakages which could make cleaning your printer a nightmare as the liquid seeps into the intricate parts like pistons and discs which can also get damaged. Aside from that, they also lower the print quality of your machine.


Generic toners normally have more toner powder than the genuine brand-specific variety so you can print more papers in comparison. Therefore, they tend to give you better value for your money as well.

And the winner is…

So it all boils down to one question; generic toner or genuine toner, which one should you go for? Generic is definitely the answer to that question because they will save you a lot of money in the long run. What’s more, they rarely damage your printer and produce competent images or pictures when bought from a reputable manufacturer. You also not need to worry about voiding your warranty as you’ll still be covered regardless of whether you opt for generic toners or not.

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