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Concentration and Meditation

Improving concentration requires a lot of efforts as it is really difficult to find your focus at one point. The practice of concentration can be improved through meditation.

However many people are aware that meditation is a great tool for enhancing concentration of mind but there is no clarity on “how to go about the process”. At Mind Valley Academy many people approach with this question about “How to improve concentration”?

There are various guided meditation practices that one can adopt for improving their concentration. The academy provides help through their video and audio tutorials. A large number of students have benefitted from these tools and found themselves in better position after practicing the methods that are preached through these tutorials.

In this article we will bring forward some qualitative information on “How to improve concentration”?

  • Find a spot and time of the day when you can sit peacefully for some time. The place should be clean, noise free and distraction free so that you can concentrate easily. People can use the spare rooms in the house for this purpose or the practice can also be performed outside in some park or beach side where others also practice peaceful rejuvenation.


  • Try to sit in the same spot every day. This will help you to understand the harmony of the place and you will feel connected to that space. The mind transits itself in the mode of “meditation” when it approaches that space every time.


  • Select one time of the day that can be available to you every day. Practice meditation in that duration. It doesn’t matter initially if the meditation is practiced for short duration or long. At this time what matters is to bring your body in tune with the meditation phenomenon.


  • Sit upright with your back straight and legs folded. It will be great if you can sit in “padmasana” pose (yoga) as it is the posture of practicing meditation by renowned yogis and saints. This pose helps in bringing your energy centres at one focus. But if you cannot do this, simply fold your legs and sit upright. Put your hands on your knees and close your eyes.


  • Before you start to practice meditation, set timer in your alarm clock for short duration. Practically it is not really possible to go about meditation for a really long duration in the first session itself. Therefore, train your mind by bribing it to maintain focus for 5 to 10 minutes to start with. Gradually when you learn to focus your thoughts at one point, you will be able to increase the time duration. Just remember that- Rome wasn’t built in a day!

These are some simple tips that you need to follow for increasing the ability of your mind to concentrate. If you find it difficult on how to proceed with the practice further then you can approach Mind Valley Academy and take help from their tutorials on “How to improve concentration”. These are really helpful and useful for people who are not able to attain success in life due to lack of concentration.

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