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Comprehending the Need for Cross Platform Mobile App Development

The demand for mobile apps development is increasing day-by-day in the contemporary world. A large number of new concepts are coming into the application market for the betterment of the mobile app industry around the globe. One such phenomenon is the cross-platform mobile app development.

Technical in compliance was considered to be a major drawback

Before the introduction of cross-platform application development, there was a highly noticeable drawback in this industry. The applications which were developed making use of Android platform would not suit the iPhone smartphone. Likewise, the apps developed using MAC OS did not work with the Android-based smartphones. This in compliance was considered to be a major drawback in the entire mobile application development industry worldwide.

Developing application in each and every platform was overly expensive

If a business owner required a mobile app to serve his business purpose, then he had to design and develop the application in each and every platform. This proved to be overly expensive and technically baffling task for all business entrepreneurs. The phenomenon of cross-platform mobile development serves as the best solution to the above-mentioned problem. There are a large number of resources available for the professional developers to design and develop a cross-platform mobile app. A few of them are narrated below:

Rhode Mobile Development

It is a Ruby-based framework which helps developers to create a cross-platform mobile application with ease and convenience. By making use of this well-known framework, the professional app developers can very easily develop an application which is compatible with all other platforms. It is a well-known open-source framework which is named as Rhode. The developers need to write only the initial code. The framework then converts that code into a suitable application code that is compatible with all the platforms and operating system.

Phone Gap Development

Utilizing the Phone Gap, professional app developers can create apps for iPhone, Symbian, Android, Blackberry and Palm. JavaScript and the HTML languages are utilized in this for carrying out highly effective and less time-consuming cross-platform mobile development.

Titanium Development

This framework helps developers to create applications for desktop, mobile and tablet. The languages used in this include Python, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, etc.

There are a few more resources available out there in the market for creating cross-platform mobile applications, but they neither effective nor developer-friendly like the above-mentioned 3 best resources. In the contemporary times, the demand for cross-platform apps is really very low in comparison to other popular individual platform’s apps.

However, if the business entrepreneurs once start using it, they will certainly have great advantages in terms of both time and money. Emphatically, the business owners should start using these types of resources to enhance their revenue and clients as well. Day by day, the resources for the multi platform applications development are increasing. Needless to say, in the upcoming times mobile applications are going to be a great boost for the global business entrepreneurs’ community.

As per a recent estimation, more than 60% transactions in the contemporary business world are taking place through mobile application. Therefore, business owners cannot keep themselves aloof from enterprise mobile application development. This can be considered as the need of the hour if any business wants to make progress.


There are companies claiming to provide similar kind of services in this hi-tech domain and those willing to get multi platform applications development to serve their purpose must be very choosey in their approach. You must understand that multi platform app development involves technical efficiency of the highest order, and not each and every company can live up to your expectations.


Therefore, if you want to really reap the incredible rewards generated by mobile apps, then join hand with the company that has an excellent past tract record of delivering amazing results in the form of cost-effective and versatile mobile applications.

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