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Cleaning your diamond jewellery – When and How?

Most of us would be wearing some sort of jewellery every day, and that’s why it would go through wear and tear while doing any kind of work. It’s important to keep your jewellery in tip-top condition and shape. You must be having a question that whether cleaning jewellery damages it? Is cleaning more harmful than doing good?

Let us go through all the basics of cleaning jewellery so you know exactly when and how much you should be cleaning it.

Why is cleaning important?

Without any doubt, it is more important that your jewellery is kept clean and shining like original than being afraid of washing it/cleaning it.

Dirty and unclean jewellery will invite bacteria just like what the unhealthy environment does, which could eventually lead to skin irritation, allergies, and discoloration of metals. Excessive dirt can even make precious gemstones in your jewellery becoming scratched.

As far as you clean your jewellery in a right and gentle way with patience, you are away from the risk of your jewellery getting damaged. The unfair methods like scrubbing, usage of strong chemicals and submersion in liquids are some things which can damage your jewellery in the long run.

How often should you clean jewellery?

The number of times you clean your jewellery depends on the frequency of your jewellery getting worn and what type of gemstones it has. For instance, diamonds can withstand more wear and tear than any other gemstone. As diamonds exhibit this property, they can be cleaned more often.

If you are wearing your diamond jewellery every day which obviously will make your diamond jewellery dirty, then, in this case, give that jewellery a quick and gently scrubbing once every 2 weeks. You should consider professional cleaning once every six months.

For the jewellery which is more delicate and sensitive, which you don’t wear every day, avoid using liquids to clean them. You should instead use a quick and gentle wipe down with a polishing cloth and a soft toothbrush.

Cleaning fine jewellery at home:

There are many ways by which you can clean your gold jewellery or any other jewellery at your home by yourself. The method to select out many methods available depends on the type of jewellery you cleaning. The common methods of cleaning include:

-Using a soft toothbrush and scrubbing the jewellery

-Using a mild chemical and cleaning the jewellery

-Using Ammonia, Vinegar or tin foil
You can obviously stick to these recipes but do not miss the professional cleaning and inspection permanently. It is of vital that a professional jeweller checks your jewellery once or twice a year.

How much professional cleaning cost?

If you opted for a local jeweller while buying any jewellery, inspections and cleaning are usually not charged and it’s free for lifetime. Be sure to ask your jeweller while purchasing the jewellery. Relationship with your jeweller will always make you build up trust in whenever something goes wrong in your jewellery.

If you purchased jewellery from one place and now want to get it cleaned at some other place, expect to pay some thousand of bucks for the jeweler’s time and equipment used. But make sure that the jeweller to whom you are approaching, should be well experienced and should know how to clean various jewellery by which methods.

Jewellery Maintenance:

Just as cars need maintenance, same way jewellery too needs some amount of cleaning and inspection at regular intervals. These basic things will help save costs in future.


So in a nutshell, you should be cleaning your jewellery without the fear of it getting damaged. This is only possible when you select a correct method corresponding to the type of jewellery you are getting cleaned. Also, the professional inspection and cleaning shouldn’t be ignored completely as it is must that a professional checks your jewellery at times in a year.


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