Home remedies to get rid of Seasonal Cough

Check Simpale Home remedies to get rid of Seasonal Cough

Whenever season changes the first problem we will face is cough. Mostly we cough at nights and that’s the reason why we cannot sleep.

Due to season changes there is pollution in our Asian countries that’s why people suffer from cough if you take proper care of hygiene then you will not face this problem. But if you get cough at night due to which you cannot sleep so we will tell you the solution on cough at nights.


Take raisin cut it and remove pulp of it and put a black pepper in it like this make 7 raisins. At night eat 1 stuffed raisin and chew it nicely chewing this only you have to sleep you will get rid of cough problem within 5-7 days. You don’t have to take any medicines just do this and you will feel relaxed.

raisine-home-remedy for cough

Apart from this we will tell you solution on normal cough Take 50 gms grated black pepper and 200 gms brown jiggery mix it and make small pills of it have this pill after 1 hour each You will get rid of cough with this.

Apart from this if you have severe cough take 4-5 tsp of ginger juice add honey in same quantity and warm it and have it thrice a day.

If you have dry cough while bathing take 1 tsp of mustard seed oil on your palm smell it and suck in your nose You will feel relief in your dry cough by doing this.

jiggery - honey - balck pepper - Ginger

If kids get cough then massage their anus with mustard seed oil. So for cough now no cough syrup no antibiotic medicines these are the simple solutions.

If you don’t have anything then grate black pepper with gripe in the same quantity add ghee and cook it nicely make it’s small pills whenever you have cough have 3-4 pills a day you will get rid of any kind of cough through this so these are the simple solutions get rid of cough rest we wish to see you healthy fit happy and keep visiting our website.

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