Improve your memory

What is brain Training?

Human brain has much higher abilities than we perceive them. Our brain can endear some natural abilities that will it remodel itself through training and persistent actions. Brain training is wide concept which is gaining popularity all over the world. Especially people who opt for this training are the ones who want to experience new dimensions, view points and different outlooks in life. (more…)
Kanpur Death

Kanpur Death: Due to drinking poisonous liquor

On Saturdays and Sundays, Kanpur city and Kanpur were proven to be fatal for many people and many households have still lost their wages. The reason was alcohol. Although these people had bought liquor only by government contracts but official liquor could also be poisonous, probably they did not have any idea about it.Six people died in Satyendi area of Kanpur city and six died on Sunday in Rural area of Kanpur country.

Indian fake babas

Top 10 Unbelievable Scandal of Indian Fake Babas – You Never Know

Ten curious scandals of Indian Swami’s. You must have heard of those long-bearded spiritual gurus who promises you in advance ticket to heaven if you pay him some big fat dollars here’s a trivia in Bengali the term Swami means husband anyway every Indian Swami has one time or the other been related to intimate contact with opposite gender in one way or the other as they say sex and spirit go hand in hand. This is how here below are 10 curious scandals of Indian Swami’s.


Reasons Behind Burma Muslim Killing

Reasons Behind Burma Muslims Killing?

The Burma conflict also known as the Myanmar conflict has been one of the world’s longest running civil wars since the nation gained its independence in 1948 violence there continues to make headlines and on February 21st 2015 130 people were killed along the Chinese border in rebel attacks In East of Myanmar.

So what is the Myanmar conflict about well in very simple terms  the ethnic minority groups of Myanmar have been fighting almost 70 years for freedom from an oppressive government.


libaas gulzars unreleased film

Gulzars Unreleased Movie Libaas Set to Releasing After 29 Years

Gulzar’s remarkable commitment to silver screen initiated in the year 1963 as a lyricist in Bimal Roy’s Bandini. He didn’t think back and worked with each conceivable name in the music business. In a profession that ranges more than five decades, Gulzar continued reevaluating himself, drawing esteem even from the current era. There can’t be a superior approach to respect an artist than to celebrate his artistry (more…)


Is really Eco friendly Ganesh Good for Environment?

What is the difference between a normal ganpati and Eco friendly Ganpati?

Eco Friendly Ganpati is made from lots of crushed paper. Paper has to be rotted and the filling then has to be put in a mould, similarly to the way they make Mud Ganpatis. Then the crushed paper takes shape of the mould.
What is the difference in the making of a Plaster of Paris (PoP) Ganpati and normal other Eco Friendly Ganpati?


Kabbadi – Ancient Indian Sport – Changed Many of the life’s in overnight

An old Indian game that resembles a blend of tag, avoid ball and wrestling has surged once more into the Indian national awareness to wind up plainly one of the nation’s most famous games, trailing just cricket. Once a most loved children’s amusement that was generally overlooked in adulthood, kabaddi has had a surge of genuine cash and Bollywood fabulousness since the dispatch of the Pro-Kabaddi League in July.


infosys stocks Decreased 13% in One day Effect of Vishal Sikka Resignation

Reason Behind Huge Down of Infosys Shares by 13% in 1 Day

First up news about vishal sikka who has resigned as the MD and CEO of emphases amidst differences with the interested founder narayan murthy in fact ravindra who was the CEO or rather will be now taking over as the interim mdl CEO of emphasis narayan murthy had recently even said that vishal sikka was not fit to be the CEO but more of a chief technology officer material mashal cycle was appointed CEO and MD of intervals in august 2014.



Who is Vishal Sikka ? – Bio Graphy & His Achievements

Vishal Sikka was a member of the Executive Board of SAP AG and the Global Managing Board, heading all SAP products and innovation. Sikka had global responsibility for development and delivery of all products across SAP’s product portfolio including Applications, Analytics, Cloud, Database & Technology and Mobile.Sikka left the SAP board in May 2014 for “individual reasons”, and was declared as CEO and MD of Infosys on 12 June 2014.



Real Iron Man Elon Musk – 21st Century Tech Innovator

About Elon Musk

He Is The Guy Who Seems To Just Have Arrived From Another Planet To Casually Disrupt The World One Industry At A Time Many See Him As One Of The Great Industrial Minds Of The 21st Century The Engineers Engineer Even If You Haven’t Heard Of Him Chances Are You’ll Still See In His Influence You Know That Movie Ironman As It Turns Out Must Provide A Large Amount Of Inspiration For The Hollywood Character Tony Stark In Fact Parts Of Iron Man 2 Were Actually Filmed Inside And Outside Of Spacex Elon Musk’s Private Rocket Company Musk Even Made A Cameo In The Film (more…)