Why You Should Use Digital Signage

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Digital signage is the latest must-have for any successful business. Not only are they eye-catching and memorable, they can be adapted for use anywhere in your business! Read on for more information about these amazing new signs.

What Is Digital Signage?

These signs are made up of the advertisement itself and a screen; whether that is an LED screen, a plasma screen, or a projection. They are bright and colourful and have a number of different uses. You can find them anywhere; from public places like airports or shopping centres, to giant corporate skyscrapers.

Why Is It So Versatile?

Digital signage is loved because it can go anywhere you can fit a screen. In bathrooms, on bus-stops, even down a subway’s tunnel so the advert flits alongside the train. If you can place a screen there, you have the opportunity to place a digital advertisement.

Why Is It So Popular?

This form of sign is loved by both consumers and advertisers alike. Customers are wowed by the bright picture and the intriguing animations and the advertisers love the possibilities the signs present.

Why Do the Advertisers Love It?

Digital signs can be used to present information to both employees and visitors; they can be used for viral marketing for new films. They open up an entirely new world of possibility to the discerning marketer. Furthermore, because the sign is digital, it is easy to programme it to switch between a number of different adverts.

Therefore, unlike a traditional static advert, you have the potential for a customer to view the sign for longer. If you just catch part of the advert before it switches to the next, you are more likely to hang around and wait to see it properly; allowing the marketer more of a chance to offer you something else during the other adverts.

Why Do the Consumers Love It?

People love digital signage because the animations are often eye-catching and memorable. We are a very visual species and we are more likely to look towards movement than towards a static image. Digital signage triggers this engagement and we can’t help but be sucked in by them.

Digital signs tend to involve a memorable campaign which is bound to stick in your mind. They are a fun and inventive resource and, when done correctly, you should forget that it is an advert you are watching.

Where Can I Get My Own?

Do you want to invest in your own digital signage to bring some wow to your advertising? Digital signs are now being included in the catalogues of many different custom sign manufacturers. Whatever you need in a sign, these designers can produce many fantastic options for you to pick from. What’s more, these companies handle all aspects of the sign production. From initial brief, through manufacturing, all the way to signage installation, they will be at your side.

Upgrade your advertising and consider investing in some digital signage today! You won’t regret it!

Image: Pixabay

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