Why You Should Implement Digital Recruitment Strategies

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Digital Recruitment is the latest way to find the best people to work for you. Any smart, forward-thinking business should be looking into digital recruitment processes to find their new talent. As more and more millennials enter the job market, these methods of recruitment are sure to become more common and more aggressive.

Online 24/7

The great advantage for employers and jobseekers alike is that digital recruitment can take place at any time of day or night. You are not limited by time or place and can leave the application to return at a more convenient time. You can view the status of the application at any point.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages to all of this is the move to mobile. More and more jobseekers are starting their searches on their smartphones. Digital recruitment allows for someone searching for a new career to find their perfect job from anywhere.

Social Media

In today’s online-loving population, nearly everybody of working age has some form of social media. HR departments and recruiters frequently make use of social media to find candidates for their job openings. Facebook and Twitter offer perfect opportunities to advertise jobs to the general public while career-orientated sites like LinkedIn are designed for employees and businesses to interact.

It has never been more difficult for employers to head-hunt their ideal candidate. The job market is becoming increasingly more aggressive and companies and potential employees alike are accepting this challenge head-on. So long as employers now recognise that the job market has become candidate driven, they won’t have a problem adapting to the new system. Social media is a key part of this new world; you would be foolish to rule it out.

Specific Recruitment

Digital recruitment also allows companies the opportunity to narrow the spread of talent available to them before they even begin recruiting. One way of doing this is by only recruiting through websites which offer an initial vetting process. This is a fantastic resource for someone searching to hire from the graduate pool or anyone looking for a candidate with a certain level of experience.

Employers can also look for new talent through the use of recruitment agencies. These agencies such as Devonshire Digital Recruitment bring together the ideal candidate and job through a whole range of processes. Recruitment agencies cut out a lot of the footwork involved in digital recruitment. Employers seeking the best talent are sure to find them here.

More Than a Job

Candidates nowadays want more than a 9-to-5. The rise of websites like Glassdoor and terms like “candidate experience” show that anyone searching for a job cares just as much about who they are working for as what they will be doing. As an employer, you should use digital recruitment as a tool to advertise yourself in a positive light. Improving your reputation online will bring you the top talent as they will see you as a good place to work.

Recruitment is beginning to shift towards marketing as much as it remains about finding the best person for the job. Adapt your methods now!

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