Using Partitions to Create Your Office Layout

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The layout of your office space is more important than you realise. It determines everything from the flow of traffic throughout the office to the comfort of your employees. If you’re moving into an office building, you may have to deal with the layout that you’re given. That can be a challenge if the offices are small and the reception area cramped. In some cases, though, you may be given the opposite: a large, open space with no divisions. That’s where you can make use of partitions to create any kind of office layout you want.

Arrange Offices as Needed

Do you need a large number of offices but very few storage areas or meeting rooms? You can create offices that are the same size throughout the floor so that no one feels slighted by getting the small office. You can also make your offices the size you need. If your employees have large desks, you can make sure there is ample room in each office. If an executive needs space for a small conference table in his office, you can design the layout to include this larger space.

You’re also able to make certain that people who need privacy get it. You can place spaces that need more privacy on their own hallway or on the other side of the floor without concern about the layout of the rooms. You can design everything so it fits your needs.

Rearrange Your Office Layout

Another option available when using partitions in Perth is the choice to rearrange your office layout if you need to. If you hire additional employees or decide that your reception area isn’t large enough, you can rearrange your demountable office partitions to create a new space. These modular partitions are great for companies that are expecting to expand soon, or for those using temporary office space since they can quickly and easily be assembled and disassembled. You have the freedom to change the entire layout if you need to.


You Have Options

There are a number of different types of partitions you can use to create your office space. You can select different heights that range from half-walls to walls that run from the floor to the ceiling. Some partitions also include steel studs that can have desktops mounted directly to the partition. This means you don’t even have to put furniture in the offices you create.

Partitions can also be glazed or finished in a number of different styles so that you’re not looking at plain walls all the time. Your office can look as stylish and sleek as you want it to. This often helps put your employees and clients more at ease by making your office more comfortable.

Ceilings are another option. You can have drop-down ceilings added to partitions that don’t quite reach the height of the actual space. This way, you can truly have private offices and meeting spaces, and many people may not even realise that your office layout was created with partitions.

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