Top Tips to Increase Office Productivity

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The question of how to increase productivity in your business dogs company owners everywhere. Here are some quick ways you can boost your productivity at work. 

Preparation is Key

Instead of fumbling around in the morning for something to focus on, take 10 minutes at the end of everyday to write out a list of tasks for the next day. In the morning, you will have a clear direction you can set out from. Track how much time you spend on smaller tasks like emails and social media and see where you can cut down.

Work out when you are at the most productive during the day and always aim to be tackling your most difficult jobs during this time. Repetitive, mindless tasks can be saved for when you are feeling less productive. 

Focus, Focus, Focus

Work towards cutting out any possible distractions so your mind is kept locked on your tasks at all times. Keep your work area clean and tidy. That motivational meme might make you smile but you may also find yourself staring at it at difficult times.

If you really need to knuckle down on a project, put your phone on silent and temporarily mute your email notifications. You can even download apps that will block your access to social media for a certain period, so you have no choice but to work.

Listen to Music

If you can, grab your headphones and put on your favourite tunes. Music without lyrics is great for boosting productivity and helping you focus on the task at hand. It is also great for blocking out any distracting chatter and noise from the rest of the office.

Find a Medium Everybody is Comfortable With

Everybody takes in information differently. Some people can look at a block of text and understand it perfectly; some need a picture or a diagram to help them get it. Use software like Bright Analytics Data Visualisation to hit that sweet spot exactly in between so all your team is always on the same page.


If you are in charge of a team, you need to learn how to successfully delegate to take some of the pressure off of you. Look into task-sharing software that allows you to split up jobs between everyone and see where everyone is at. It also encourages your colleagues to help each other out with tasks. If someone is kicking about with nothing to do, they can head onto these boards and see if there is a job they can pick up for someone else.

Don’t Forget Self-Care

If your body cannot function correctly then your mind has no chance. You must make sure you are getting approximately 8 hours of sleep a night in addition to staying properly hydrated and eating well. If you don’t already, consider taking up a sport or something that will get you moving. Even taking a quick walk on your lunch break will have an impact on your physical and mental health.

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