Tips for Upgrading Your Office Security

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Just as you keep on top of your office’s appearance and your staff’s productivity, so should you keep on top of your building’s security. Your system should be not outdated but modern and capable of keeping your business safe from any outside threat. A break-in can be expensive to recover from and disruptive for staff. A pro-active approach to security will reduce chances of theft before they can even occur.

Keep the Details Private

Not everyone in the office needs to know the ins and outs of the security details. Choose one trusted employee to act as the company’s security officer. That doesn’t necessarily mean they have to monitor the CCTV or personally maintain every lock in the office. This security manager is instead in charge of the company’s passwords and key holders. They will be responsible for updating the records when employees are hired or choose to leave.

Introduce Access Control

Access control gives you some security over who is able to access your building. If you have staff who frequently come if after-hours or may be the only ones requiring site access, then access control is a must. It offers security to your workforce as they know the only people in the building are ones with legitimate reasons to be there.

Go Keyless

In this modern world of ours, keys are becoming increasingly redundant. If possible, reduce the number of keys within the business down as much as possible. Changing the code for a door is far easier and cheaper than changing an entire lock and redistributing the keys.

Choose membrane keypads over mechanical where possible as well. Membrane keypads are notoriously durable even in hostile conditions and many can be chemical and fitted anywhere you need a keypad.

Be Strict

If you are in a high-risk area or you have been compromised before, you must enforce your security protocols with a strict hand. Make sure you have a zero-tolerance policy with a full investigation and disciplinary system ready to catch an employee caught being lax. It may seem harsh but if it protects your business then it is completely worth it.

Employ a Remote Monitoring Service

Many security companies nowadays offer a remote monitoring service which gives you the opportunity to ensure that your place of business is being watched 24/7. They will also be able to respond to a reported break-in much faster than you would be able to. Be sure to work with them to come up with the best possible security strategy and regularly review it for improvements.

In addition to the mandatory CCTV signs you must display while recording, ask your remote monitoring service for signs with their name and logo. This will further deter opportunistic thieves as they will know that they are being watched.

The physical security of your office is just as important as your cybersecurity. By staying safe and secure, it is one less worry for you and one less distraction keeping you from running your business effectively.

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