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As a business executive, you have a lot of influence. However, you might be wondering about social media and what it can do for your sales numbers. Well, business executives finally realise the benefits of social media platforms, especially Instagram. As you probably know, business at the upper levels is all about networking, trading business cards, and establishing good relationships with other people of your stature.

With that in mind, one way to create a professional business image that attracts new business for your organisation is to implement Instagram strategies that showcase who you are and why potential clients should be interested in what you’re selling. The great thing about Instagram is that it does not discriminate against industries, and there is a demographic for nearly every aspect of the free market.

You need to learn about some of these Instagram strategies and implement them for yourself to see how the power of networking over social media can transform your sales reach and even your organisation’s revenue.

Establish a Presence First

If you’re new to Instagram, the first thing you should do is get Instagram followers. This means either purchasing them through a third party service that sells real followers, or simply following people in the hopes that they’ll follow you back. Typically, business executives use a combination of both strategies in order to maximise the efficiency of their reach efforts.

Once you’ve started to develop a social media presence, you can begin to post more content. You should know that if you do not have any content on your profile while you’re attempting to gain followers, you probably won’t get any. With that in mind, post some content prior to reaching out to new followers; the presence of fresh content will help users be more inclined to follow you. Additionally, you should always post at least a few times a week to show users that you’re worth following.



While at its core, Instagram is a useful tool meant for marketing your organisation’s brand and establishing awareness from your targeted demographic, it’s also about posting good content. This means that you cannot simply spam pictures of your business’s logo and expect anyone to care. Instagram is much more personal than professional social media platforms, and should be treated as such. People want to see pictures of your car, your night life, some selfies, and maybe the occasional picture of your children.

People who post normal pictures are more likely to get followers than people who are only concerned with promoting themselves. However, it’s also important to promote yourself. You just have to do it in a more creative way. For instance, you can post a picture of yourself using a product your company sells, and in the caption you can talk about how great it is, but you wouldn’t want to implement an aggressive call to action that demands everyone to purchase it. As long as you keep this in mind, you should be able to post anything you want and get some good engagement numbers as a result.

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