5 Cybersecurity Threats That Can Affect Your Business

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We are living in a digital era when it is mandatory for businesses to execute effective cybersecurity training to minimize organizational risks, including data breaches. In this article, we’ll list the common cybersecurity threats that can hinder business operations. Businesses should effectively address these issues by utilizing innovative technologies and training their employees.

Malware is one of the biggest threats that confront businesses. It refers to a malicious program or software that gains access to and damages a computer network. It exists in different forms, including viruses, ransomware, worms, spyware, and rootkits. The malware can disrupt the daily operations of the business, which has negative impacts on productivity and profitability. It affects the business in more ways than one, such as by sending malicious emails to contacts within your network and deleting files without permission.

Phishing hits businesses hard, and the effects can be costly. Like in the case of malware, it also disrupts business operations. With phishing, cybercriminals use fake emails or websites to lure people to fill out forms. In turn, this gives the criminals access to information that should have not been given to unauthorized parties. Phishers can launch an attack and hijack the website of your business.

Also known as DDoS, it is increasingly becoming a more popular cyber-attack these days. During the attack, it floods the server that your business uses. In turn, the server ends up being overwhelmed, causing a significant reduction in its speed and capabilities. Worse, the server crashes and becomes inaccessible. The businesses lose opportunities as a result of these attacks. Implementing the attack is cheap but the effects are massive and costly. From the deep dark web, such an attack can be purchased for about $500, which can make servers inaccessible the entire day. This has direct and indirect impacts on the finances of a business.

In this age of artificial intelligence and machine learning, chatbots open a whole new world of possibilities for businesses. Nonetheless, it can also be a serious threat, especially in the form of malicious bots. Rogue AI chatbots will emerge. They can infiltrate the chatbots of businesses and steal sensitive information from the users.

Businesses use passwords to protect their computers and data. However, hackers developed ways to still access a network even if they do not know the passwords. An example of this is a brute force attack wherein a script logs in using possible password combinations, specifically those that are easy to guess. The best way to protect the business from these attacks is to use passwords and multifactor authentication, among others.

Cyberattacks are costly problems. They can take a significant toll on the finances of the business, making it important to have a proactive approach in managing the cybersecurity threats, including those listed above.

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