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Best Street food tour of Mumbai city – You don’t want to miss

Today we’re going for a full on food for street food tour of Mumbai city. Mumbai is packed with buzina you’re gonna fall in love with on your first try you’ll never run of the new things to try as you explore the city we found a ton of awesome snacks and meals that blew us away travelers always say that India is sensory overload and we have to agree especially when it comes to eating. Here we will give a try to mansion some of them.

Pav bhaji is a thick and creamy vegetable gravy made mainly with potatoes tomatoes peas and onions it’s mashed up before your eyes on the street side and you can literally smell the butter as you walk by the vendors had so much as they make it it’s served with a supersoft butter soaked bun they scoop lots of gravy on to that looks juicy.

Vada pav the Mumbai burger if you’re vegetarian this is your heaven it’s made with deep-fried potato patties stuffed with cumin mustard seeds turmeric coriander and masala powder and then it’s covered in the mint chutney sweet chutney and a spicy red chili powder. This is the Mumbai burger looks really nice and that soft potato batter it’s spicy there’s like stuff with Indian spices we think we taste like fennel and cumin in there and these crisps it’s so crispy but the bun is so soft and in  Ramadan we must visit Muhammad Ali Road if you come on the eve of Eid then you’re in for a treat because you can find a huge selection of specialty street foods and the festive atmosphere is gonna make you hungry.

Vada Pav Mumbai Street Food

Next we had a recommendation to try the mutton brain gravy and the tandoori quail with  get a little lemon and it’s tender a little smoky and skin is so crispy The next road made with garam masala a lot of turmeric and a ton of spice with  good smells really spicy We can smell the turmeric in there one brain.

Pani puri Mumbai wouldn’t be complete without the famous pani puri this crunchy spicy turmeric water filled cup of joy is found all over India. It’s like an Indian water bomb packed with tamarind sweet tamarind flavor try it out so you can see the green things in there those are moong dal and white circular things over there crisps called boondi they mix two types of water together one is like a spicy tap and one is sweet and minty we can taste the tamarind in there it’s a little spicy and this tiny here is so crunchy it’s like a crunchy water bomb the water is cool and refreshing. Next one is a chickpea mash with mustard seeds onions and cilantro and for the final killer meal in Mumbai the true home cook style thali in downtown Mumbai complete with an assortment of dishes and desserts giving a full spectrum of sweet salty spicy bitter and sour dishes and this is covered in ghee and very nice fruit salad was and so delicious.

Bail pootie is the perfect Mumbai Beach snack it’s crunchy sour sweet salty and spicy and it just makes you want to keep eating snacking and hanging out there are many versions of bail Cody but it often contains puffed rice sev which are fried little crispy is made from chickpea flour stirred up with onions tomatoes Danya and a balance of salty sweet and spicy chutneys once you start eating Bella Pootie you can’t stop.

Chev pootie is a type of Mumbai chat topped with creamy potatoes and onions then it’s covered in tamarind chili and garlic chutney sprinkled with diced bits of sour mango and finally it stopped in a heaping handful of Chev which are thin crispy noodles made from chickpea flour.

and for non-vegetarians here you’ll find some insanely tempting delicacies roasted over charcoal along with chicken tikka sheep kebabs and boaty kebabs rolls which usually consist of meat wrapped in bread are one of the greatest on the go or late-night street food snacks in Mumbai you have to try the chicken buna rolls the room Ali roti a thin circular roti that’s cooked on what looks like an upside-down wok is cooked fresh and then stuffed with boneless chicken in a wonderfully flavorful tomato based gravy.

These are the some best indian street foods that you don’t want to miss eating when you’re in Mumbai.


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