Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens: Cheers to the Forever Champions

Mentioning football and Maryland both together in the same sentence, wouldn’t Ravens be the first to pop up in your head? Of course they would be, with Super Bowl titles, major awards and Hall of Fame nominations to their name of fame, here’s a list of some of the all-time favorite forever champs. Enjoy the read Ravens Fans (or perhaps Fanatics)!

Tony Siragusa

Yes! Let’s start with the Goose, the 6 feet 3”, Pittsburg graduate who plays at the defense tackle. Alongside with the other most decorated player Ray Lewis, Siragusa had 1999 as his best season, with 34 tackles and 3.5 sacks including a fumble recovery. Although his career began in 1990 with the Indianapolis Colt till the 1996. But, by the time Siragusa’s career ended in 2001, he was playing with the Baltimore Raven.. With his NFL stats being 562 tackles, 22 sacks, 9 Fumble Recoveries, and Super Bowl XXXV award that he helped lead the Ravens to win.

Jamal Lewis

The former running back of the National Football team played with the Ravens from 2000 till the 2006 though his career went on till the 2009. At the University of Tennessee, the dominant rookie took his majors in Art and Science. Lewis is known for rushing in his first season, over 1,300 yards. The former leading rusher has had 7,801 yards, a TD in Super Bowl XXXV and 58 touchdowns making him the youngest player who scored a touchdown in a big game. Jamal Lewis, undoubtedly Ravens best skilled-positioned player.

Haloti Ngata

Since 2006, Ngata has been the cornerstone defense tackle of the Ravens D. Ngata’s badass game did not allow any 100-yard rusher for a good three years, i.e. 39 consecutive games for the period of 2006 till the 2009. Although the 6 feet 4” defense lineman, has been with the Ravens for 8 years, but continues to play till date. His championship awards such as the Super Bowl XLVII, 3x Second-team All Pro, 2x First-team All Pro, 5x Pro Bowl etc. and other achievements like 504 tackles may say a lot about his talent, but you have to watch him in action to really be amazed of how great he really is.

Jonathan Ogden

Jonathan Phillip Ogden, 6 feet 9”player has played his entire career with the Ravens that is a whole 11 years as the Offensive Tackle. Ogden was the first ever draft-picked and also the first Raven player to be selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He proved himself as an absolute dominant and made the pro bowl every year. There aren’t many players who you see playing with the same high level of energy at every game, but Jonathan Ogden for sure is one player with the same highest energy level that the onlooker can’t help but endorse.

Joe Flacco

The Quarterback Joe Flacco has been with the Ravens since 2008 and continues to do so. Flacco, the 6 feet 6” is the first rookie quarterback to win two road playoffs in the history of league. It is no secret that the Ravens have on record been able to win more since the Pittsburg game against the Steelers, because of Flacco. The only two players who have been named a Super Bowl MVP in the team are Ray Lewis and Joe Flacco. With 2010 being his best season with 306 completions, 489 attempts, 3,622 passing yards, 25 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions.

But then again, no matter how fancy these stats may sound, to understand what why these players made the list of all-time favorites, you actually have to watch them play yourself.

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