Most Amazing Activities to Do in Thailand

Thailand is a unique country; its people, its tropical climate, its animals, its culture and its traditions are very special. Therefore, it is irresistible to the traveler. Today we will make a tour of the activities that you should not miss in the country of the smile. The same one that will make you laugh when you remember everything you did there.

Elephant rides –

The elephant is the most representative animal of the country and in certain areas of the same they roam at ease as if it were a person. Tours for tourists are also offered; The most advisable thing is that they are specialized fields and that you are sure that they treat the animals well. It is also worth visiting a zoo in the country.

Eat Thai food –

This point will not be very difficult, but even so being a tourist country, in Thailand you can avoid eating local cuisine. But that way part of the charm will be lost. Noodles, curry meat and all kinds of dishes with rice are an example of citrus and exquisite Thai food. That’s right: beware of the spicy!

Immerse yourself in the local culture –

Thailand is a country of strong traditions and tourists should try to adapt to them (if you want to know them more in depth, plan a tour to Thailand here is best tour packages advise).

Among other:

  • Never touch a Thai head. Because of their beliefs this is the most important part of the body and therefore, it is impolite to do so.
  • Never point with your feet towards an important figure, like the Buddha in a temple. Also and derived from the fact that the feet are the opposite of the head…
  • In many places, it is bad to enter shoes. Those that are not usually already very made for tourism. Anyway, if you see that the shoes are left in the entrance, imitate it.
  • Dress with decorum to enter the temples. This includes covering shoulders and wearing long pants.
  • Do not raise your voice in public places.

Visit temples: Especially in the northern part of the country, there are many temples in each city and they are worth it. Essential: The Grand Palace, in Bangkok.
Grand Palace, Bangkok

Give yourself a massage for the small price of 4 Euros – In almost all cities there are many centers where you can make them. My personal recommendation is that it be done in a beach area, because only something more expensive comes out and can be seen contemplating the sea.

Go to the best markets in Thailand – They are also spread throughout the country and are very authentic, both for what they sell there and for their usual character and cheap place to eat.

Tours of the jungle / mountain tribes – Especially in the northern part of the country, many tours are offered through the most interesting areas (for example, from Chiang Mai depart excursions to the Golden Triangle – the country of the smile that borders on the former Burma and Laos and was the center of the opium traffic -). You can plan from the cities once we are in the country and its price is around 30 Euros (1,200 baht).

Enjoy its beaches – The sands of Thailand are among the best in Southeast Asia, so they will be well worth a visit. Phuket, the area of Krabi (a must visit Koh Phi Phi, where the beaches are paradisiacal) and Koh Pha Ngan (where the most recommended are in Koh Tao).

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