4 Facts about Flowers that will Surprise You

Flowers are the favorite plants of horticulturists. Thus they love to grow them with great care and attention. Normally, the flowers grow naturally, but it is necessary to guide the growth of flowers. Well, apart from the beauty and odor of flowers, there are some facts which will surprise you. Below here, we have mentioned four facts about flowers, which will surprise you.

  1. Do you know that there are more than 5 million species of Flowers on this Plant?

Every day, the scientists are discovering new species of flowers plants. Thus, according to a statistic report, it is predicted that there are about 5 million species of flower plants on this earth. Well, the surprising fact is the only 1/4th of those species are discovered yet.

  1. Flowers Attract the insects or flies Towards them

If you think, the insects are attracted towards the flowers on their own, and then you are totally wrong. The truth is, the reproductive parts of flowers are colored and shaped, just like the reproductive parts of insects. This attracts the insects, to show interest in the flower, and thus they manage the pollination process.

  1.  There are Plants that have been living for 120 Million Years


According to a study report, scientists have found a sample of orchid pollen on the back of the bee. After proper research and all, the scientists predicted that the fossil found, belongs to 10-15 million years ago. Upon this statement, the experts commented that there are plants which have been growing and living on this planet for more than 120 million years.

  1. Do you know that Vanilla is a Flowery Plant?

Yup, it’s very much true that the vanilla you eat or use in your day-to-day life is a flower. The flat-leafed vanilla plant is one of the popular flower species in the world. Every year,

the horticulturists in Latin America cultivate and grow a huge amount of vanilla plants to extract the flavor of vanilla.

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