10 Natural Home remedies for Diabetes

Are you suffering with diabetes from long time you might use many medicines and treatments now this is the time to cure diabetes by simple and natural ways. If glucose level is high in your blood then it can lead to serious health problems excellent herbs are explained in Ayurveda to lower and balance the blood sugar in the body naturally here are some home remedies which can easily control sugar levels in the body.

Home remedies for Diabetes:

Bitter gourd it is also known as Kerala it is the best home remedy for diabetes it contains chemical called keratin which controls the urine and blood glucose level it purifies blood. Karela can be taken as a juice as a vegetable and also as a powder form.

Fenugreek seeds take two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds soak them in water soak overnight next day in the morning strain the water into a glass have this water daily in the morning by making it as daily routine you can control blood sugar levels. It stimulates pancreas which increase in the production of insulin.

Cinnamon, it reduces blood sugar levels by stimulating insulin. One can use it in curries are also in tea for flavor take some water and boil it for 10 minutes add cinnamon in boiling water allow it to boil for 5 minutes after boiling for 5 minutes now filter this water into a glass have this water daily in the morning with empty stomach for better results.

Vasa leaves basil leaves is having so many middle values it enhances the secretion of insulin in our body it is a composition of antioxidant and essential oil that has so many diabetic properties take some water and boil them for 10 minutes now add few basil or Colusa leaves to boiling water filter this into a glass. Mango leaves use mango leaves for managing diabetes it has got best a glyco ceramic activity these helps to reduce the intestinal absorption of glucose which lowers glucose level. For this Take water in a bowl have some fresh – washed mango leaves cut into pieces soak them in the water and leave it for overnight next day in the morning filters the water and have this water with empty stomach mango leaves acts as stimulant its regulates insulin level in blood it improves blood lipid profile.

Neem leaves neem is beneficial for diabetes due to its anti hyperglycemic activity it lowers blood sugar levels, it acts as blood purifier careless have many important minerals which activate beta cells of pancreas that are responsible for production of insulin. Curry leaves prevent the hereditary diabetes by using in daily routine and also good for diabetes due to obesity flax seeds flax seed stabilized sugar level and it is great antioxidant by its property these seeds help in digestion of sugar and as well as fat. Indian black berry has such hypoglycemic effects which reduced blood sugar it can be taken in the powder form or you can chew its leaves to get more effective benefits. Aloe vera has traditional uses as a medicine in diabetes aloe vera lowers blood sugar in diabetes it lowers blood glucose and blood lipid levels regular use of aloe vera helped to cure diabetic problem. Water taking plenty of water helped to cure diabetes because it helps in mobilizing the sugar content present in the body which controls the cause of diabetes follow these home remedies and keep your blood sugar level in control.


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